Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jasmine's journey with us in Penang

Ever since I've moved to Penang, I've stopped writing. Maybe I'm scare, maybe I didn't want anyone to know my thoughts. 
But, today, 
I've decided to write again, because i wanted to jot down every single little thing that had happened. I'm afraid 10 years down the road, i might forget, forget my dog. Jasmine.

The background, how she came into my life.
13 years ago, mommy got sick and left me. Breast cancer. I thought i was strong but i went into depression unknowingly until everything fell apart. I broke up with my bf, i failed every single subject in that semester and i lose weight.

Jasmine came into picture, she was a 3 months old pup. She lived with me until i moved to Penang for my 1st job. Things didn't went well, and she had to live with my dad in KL, she was 4 years old. 5 years later, she moved back to Penang and lives with Shawn and I, on September 2015. 

On April this year, we celebrated her 10th birthday and we thought she will live forever until 1 week later, she was brought to the vet because of breathing/snorting heavily after an evening walk. Unusual, she snorted the entire night, it was so loud that it could wake up the buffaloes. 

We brought her to HOPE Vet in Sg. Nibong on the next day.
Suspect phlegm built up in the chest. It was a brief diagnosis because Jasmine wasn't helping at all, she didn't allow the doctor to touch her or even go near her. 

we went back with a bag of pills, mainly antibiotics, a 10 days course.
10 days later, we brought her back. This time, she was very cooperative, she allowed doctors to examine her, of course, with her muzzle, or else she might have drained the doctor's blood. Unfortunately, we found lumps at her breast, not good :( 

The lumps, there is no way to confirm if they are benign tumors (non cancerous) or malignant tumor (cancerous) unless they were surgically removed and tested. Hence, we did a full blood test on Jasmine, and found out something. Her white blood cells count is abnormally high and red blood cells count is low, not good :(

We brought her back to the vet yet again, to check out on the blood report. We don't know the root cause since there is no infection found in her. 
But, while doing ultra-sound, doctor saw something. Jasmine's heart is weak, it was pumping fast and soft, on top of that, there is blood leaking through her heart vault, not good :(

It was a lengthy discussion with Doctor Joshua, and we have decided not to remove the tumors. 


1st, with her heart condition, she might not survive through GA (General Anesthesia).

2ndly, even if she survives through the surgery, and the tumors are tested to be malignant, she will need to go through chemotherapy. Let's not talk about the side effects of that, nobody likes chemo! Even with all these unpleasant treatments, chances are, she will only survives 50-70weeks post surgery. Dogs are different from human, breast cancer usually comes back in months time, longest 1- 2 year's time. 

3rdly, Jasmine's whitebloodcell count and redbloodcell count will make her recovery slower than average dog, that means if she goes under surgery, she might die before the cuts are recovered.

so yeah, without surgery she might live longer and most importantly, without pain.

Jasmine, she might not have much time left, but she will be loved and pampered and she will be remembered as a happy little dog.