Wednesday, July 30, 2014

jasmine, the dog

I have a dog and she
  • wakes us up at 7am sharp every morning to make sure she gets her breakfast or else she'll make sure we don't get our sleep
  • eats 3 mugs of dry kibbles ,half can of wet food, half of a average size carrot,an apple,whole lots of  snacks and she still wants our food
  • Sits,stares and taps with her paw until she gets her share during meal time,which is very hard to ignore
  • goes up to our bedrooms quietly only when we are not aware, and over turn the trash bin to form a rubbish carpet
  • pee at my bathroom, poo at my dad's bathroom,and the combination never change
  • rubs herself in our beds leaving her scent to make sure we dream of her at night
  • sleeps at least 15 hours a day
  • drinks from a cup,we have to use a plastic cup as her drinking bowl
  • steals socks from the laundry basket
  • has fetish for plastic bottle with caps
  • loves to take her nap in the middle of the clean laundry

And the list goes on....
But I love her to bits!

She is my 10kg American cocker spaniel