Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 New year's resolutions

There goes year 2013, time flies isn't it? mmmmmm...

In 2013 I have ....

1. Bought my very 1st apartment and moved in, gone through some really "headache" renovation process. It wasn't easy but i'm glad i've done with it and learned a lot along the way. I'm really happy to have had owned a place to myself before 30, and DAD has helped me a lot financially by reducing my mortgage loan.

2. ..............gained weight, ARGGGHHHHH!!! 56KG to date....omg omg omg

3. being really happy in my relationship with GOM, even though he had to travel a lot and we sorta went into LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, i was surprised we did not grew apart but instead we were closer than ever.

4. ....emptied my savings for my new apartment...i'm gonna need to save up all over again.

5. went to Macau and had a great time! 

6. finally bought an iMac, loooveeeee it to bits! 

2014 New Year's resolutions..

1. start a 365 picture diary..

2. do a good deed each day..

3.goes back to jogging routine, for health and weight control. My headache problem came back and i hate it! 

.....only 3 things, hehe!!