Monday, August 05, 2013

Renovation in progress

wheee! My tiny apartment is in a mess now, because renovation has finally started!! 
I was so afraid that i couldn't  get the apartment ready by end of August, because i must move out of my rented place by then..

The cost of renovation is slightly on the high side, but i have no choice because i don't have time to scout around to compare price, so yeah..nvm..

the mess!

I'm addicted to , this is the original floorplan. Tiny apartment is about 700sqft with really weird living room, it's not squarish which gave me a really hard time to place my 3 seater couch. I like everything to be symmetrical and this is the best i can do...

On the renovation side,the wall between the dinning hall and kitchen has been removed, making the an open kitchen, and also the sliding glass door is removed and balcony will be closed up with windows.


In progress. The glass door and wall has been removed.

The new floorplan.

The closed up balcony will be Jasmine doggie's "room", there will be a low grill with door in between.

I mainly replace old tiles/WC/basins with new ones, change old pipings to new one, do a bit of re-wiring and that's it.


YT said...


Ok lar, it's just me... =.=||| I need my kitchen CLOSED UP AND AWAY FROM THINGS :(

Haiz... money should grow on trees then we both can be less sad :(

Stephanie meiyu said... kitchen's for decoration, so it's alright, muhahaha!