Friday, July 26, 2013

Macau, Shawn and I

It was Air Asia's fault again, Shawn accidentally bought 2 flight tickets to Macau few months back because they were dirt cheap.
I was lucky because Shawn decided to sponsor everything, including my shopping...yay!!! 
that's because i told him i'm not going because i can't afford it, i am super broke now...

ok, it was a trick.

Anyway, it was really fun because both of us needed a short break real badly, and this came in just right. 


so, what have i done in Macau?


I ate egg tarts, lots of it.
It's so nice, i think they glaze the top with brown sugar, yummilicious


I went to Senado Square


I was amused by funny hydrant



Went to Venetian every night! and bought Roberto..


Visited the Macau Museum..


Bought lemon coke and scrolled around the old town..


Noms Hardrock dinner 2 nights in a row...i wonder why


Took pictures with beautiful heritage buildings!

That's all for Macau, we didn't do much sight seeing because the weather was burning hot.
It would be perfect if we've gone there in winter

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YT said...

So nice, got sponsor...

Bleah. Sleepy.

Macau is fun.

My comment is random.