Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happening in July

Some updates of myself,
I've been working 6 days a week. Yes! It is compulsory to work on Saturday because of this 20nm project which by hook or by crook has to be completed by September,
whole department has been working day and night to get this done.

On the other hand, I finally bought a house of my own. hehe! Very tiny house but I love it, because it's all MINE!! 
With Dydy's sponsorship, of course. 
This tiny apartment has given me a LOT of troubles, not sure if it's just me's memang like this...

It took 7 months to get the legal stuff done and i finally got my keys last week (or 2 weeks before, i don't remember). 
After that, i have problem with the parking. The previous owner doesn't remember where is the designated parking lot, and the management doesn't know either, which is stupid! 
and then, the guards has this little book which has the parking lot number. 
The problem is, the numbers on the floor has faded, and now, they don't know which one belongs to me...

In the meantime, I've called up a few renovation contractors, and all of them are tied up with other projects.
NO ONE wants to take my project....
I got desperate and I called up an Interior Design company,
thank goodness he has bandwidth,
I gave him the details, and waiting for quotation, hopefully it will not be too pricey.

Meanwhile, I've ordered a foldeer sometime ago and it took about a month to arrive from France.
Foldeer is a paper origami deer trophy, it comes in sheets of paper and i need to fold and glue them together.
I love it.
Also, I finally got myself an iMac, my 7 year old macbook is dying, it shuts down depending on its mood, once it has shut down, i will need to wait overnight for it to be fully functional again.
imac has big screen, which makes me dizzy,weird.

and...i'm addicted to chalkboard paint!
I started painting everything chalkboard, it's so fun..

Love at first sight! I saw this from SSF,and super duper in love with its chevron print.
I bought it right away, and i had to carry it back home myself, put it right in the middle of my room and I'm still happy with it!
Even-though, my new house hasn't ready yet =.=

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