Saturday, August 18, 2012

Polymer clay cupcake iphone ear jack stopper

There are so many types of modelling clay but i still love polymer clay the most, unlike many other air dry clay, polymer clay needs to be baked in the oven to harden it. Being a self taught, i spent most of my time experimenting on new designs and techniques, my recent love is ear jack stopper.

polymer clay cupcake iphone earjack stopper

I've made this little cupcake for my sister, it's a bit challenging because its size is so small to handle it with fingers.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bangkok -The love for turquoise

hello! Greetings from Bangkok! My sister is here for her business meeting and i tagged along for a short holiday. I've never gone out to a foreign city alone, but since my sister needs to be in the meeting most of the time, so i have no choice but to wonder around the city myself.

Luckily the hotel is in the center of everything, shopping malls are within walking distance and lots of food stalls. I personally LOVE Platinum Mall, which is about 10 mins walk from my hotel, i went there almost everyday. The things are so affordable and with many choices, i bought so much that I'm a bit embarrassed to walked into the hotel with too many shopping bags.



Unlike in Taiwan, I seldom find repeated designs within the mall, which makes it like a super huge shopping place. Comparing prices is unnecessary, because the price is so cheap that it cann't be cheaper or if you walk away from something you like, you're unlikely to find your way back for it. I lost my way in the mall.

My curent colour obsession are turquiose and nude, I found bag, jelly slippers and tops in turquoise, even the tea bags from the hotel are in turquoise..

more to come soon, till then...I'm getting ready for another round of shopping, wheeee...! life's good!