Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Shopping trip to bandung- Part 1

The trip started with an idea of a short getaway with my bestie Sow Hoon, since both of us are having long distance relationship, but we ended up spending way much more than we've budgeted. And both of us has a horrible thing that we've been doing together ever we've known each other ---> SHOPPING. 

I tell you, it's disastrous when you put both of us together in a shopping mall, if i shop with YT, i bet my damage could be lesser but with Hoon.........it's beyond imaginary! it's a type of chemistry that i don't get from anyone but her, like as if she has "shopping is good for your health" written on her forehead. 

So back to my Bandung trip. Like any one else, we bought our flight tickets many many moons ago through Airasia, but it was dirt cheap as i've expected. On the night before we departed to Bandung, i flew back to from Penang to KL, then we took a bus from 1U to LCCT on the next day.

waiting for boarding, minimum luggage, my bag was only 1/3 full. Speaking about the trolley bag, i think i'm not gonna use it anymore. It was a gift from CITI bank credit card and i bet A LOT of you have it. So, on my way back to Penang, there was a man mistaken my bag was his, and not of the cherry key chain i had, he could have took my bag home.

the typical things i have in my huge bag.

Reached Bandung rather late, it was already 9pm after we've checked into hotel and get ourselves freshen up. We were lucky that we'd booked the hotel at the right location, shopping and restaurants are within walking distance.



We were at Warung Laos for dinner. We planned to take a walk down the road after dinner but the shops were closed after our dinner, so we headed back to the hotel instead and call it a day.

Had breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, we took a cab to the most famous-must-go factory outlet in Bandung, Rumah Mode. The cab fare cost us 17000IDR (RM5.8) from Cihempelas street to Jalan Setiabudi, super cheap right?


They do not allow photography inside the outlet, this one was taken right before the security person stopped me. They have decent brands like Armani Exchange, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Guess,Zara, Gap, Old Navy, CK, Banana Republic and etc.

Rumah Mode consist of not just shopping outlets, but also cafes and a courtyard for husbands and boyfriends to sit around while the girls do the shopping.



We spent few hours in Rumah Mode and total damage of 1.2mil IDR each, scary but fun. Next we walked around Jalan Setiabudi, went into a few more outlets but we didn't manage to buy anything. Bandung has three major outlets area,

1. Jalan SetiaBudi --> Rumah Mode
2. Jalan Riau --> Secret, Heritage
3. Jalan Dago --> Grande

These are outlets worth going, my personal opinion is not to waste time going to crappy outlets, because most likely you'll get imitation items or dirty horrible pieces.

After rumah Mode, we took a cab to  The Secret, Jalan Riau. This is another huge outlet but unfortunately, we didn't manage to buy a lot of things here.

After hours of walking, we settled out lunch at a foodcourt inside a shopping mall. Good thing is that both of us are not fussy with food, so we usually eat at anywhere that is convenient, shopping is the main purpose.

I know it's stupid to eat Katsu-Don in Bandung, but we were hungry and didn't want to be adventurous.

this is good, it's basicaly crispy apom balik in pantan flavour. 

Creative hand painted wooden number tag


Street's food were every where, and horribly cheap, but i just don't have the guts to try any of them. I have a weak stomach, have i ever mentioned that i got food poisoning every single time i visit China?


 You can find not only food selling by the roadside but basically everything, from shoes to toys. I was in a cab when i took this picture, I'm dying to bring that black octopus back home.

In the evening, we had our dinner at Cup&Cino at Cihampelas Walk, a mall with open air concept.


I've gotta admit i am super in love with the weather at night in Bandung, it's chilly and cold. Coffee, cold weather and gossip sessions are my favourite!