Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Vintage filigree ring base by acrylic paint

I was going through my piles of beads and findings which have been collecting dust at the corner of my house, this idea of having colourful ring base hits me.I mean , having only either silver, bronze or gold is too dull, i wanted them to be colourful.

So, i went to the hardware store and got myself a bottle of acrylic spray paint. You cannot imagine how this RM8 of spray can do, it has turn boring silver ring base to wonders!



look at that beautiful filigree ring base, This was my 1sy time trying to spray my ring base and i didn't expect them to turn out so perfect. They're evenly coating with acrylic paint.

This was the cheapest spray i can find from the store only RM8.

I've made a new light box.

I've discovered something new lately and been really busy with it. I stayed in every night just to experiment on these...


YT said...

Loving the color! I like that green so much. I want one too!!!

Stephanie meiyu said...

me too! let me spray somemore and make u one

Wendy said...

Nice! I actually tot of spray painting the charms black but wasn't sure if the paint will start peeling over time. So din go ahead with the idea. Maybe multiple coats does the trick?

Btw, tat's a nice retro green!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hi wendy, thanks! i'm just doing experiments on the paints, yea, normal acrylic paint will peel off eventhough i've already done 3 layers of coating.

maybe a better acrylic paint and multiple clear coating will do, havent try on that yet :)

Wendy said...

I think sealing it with a layer of nail varnish might help too :)