Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My bag collections

Like every girl, we'll never have enough bags, but this year i'm gonna spend wisely( part of my 2012 resolution) and stop buying nonsense bags. When it comes to spend a lot time doing research before buying something, and i think it's bad! because the more i research the more I'm exposed to designers bag, and more names are familiar to me now.

So, spending more RM5k on a bag is somewhat ridicules right? but i don't know since when i started to think that RM5K on a bag is alright....and it's so wrong! I am trying to suppress myself, so i thought why not i list down all the bags i have to remind myself I have more than enough bags already, I DON'T NEED ANOTHER ONE!

lets start with the least expensive one,

washable leather top shop bag in nude
Topshop washable leather bag in nude colour, RM298. Cina Pong got it for me for birthday ages ago, but i love how versatile it is, I'm sure the bag is more than 5 years old now but I still use it pretty often.

ralph lauren's canvas tote
Ralph Lauren canvas tote bag in pale pink&grey, RM299. I bought it from ebay when i was studying my degree, used it a lot for classes, very sturdy ,i love how i can put in my oversize textbooks and not afraid it'll break. I still use it once in a while.

Guy Laroche
Guy Laroche black hobo bag, RM399. I just love this bag! spacious and versatile, it goes with any colours, i've used it for more than 4 years and still using it a lot now.
Green Leather bag, RM399. i got it from Isetan, simply because i love it's shape and colour..and it's full leather.

 coach bags
Violet Coach cross bag, RM499 and wristlet, price unknown because it was a birthday gift from my good friend.

leather huge bag
Huge leather tote bag, RM399. This is a gigantic bag! and the leather is quite stiff and hard....i use it as over night bag.

longchapm in red and pink
Longchamp medium in red RM490, small in baby pink AUS$180. I bought the smaller longchamp from Melbourne 6-7 years ago, i love it so much, and decided to get a bigger one in red from Pavillion.

maroon Guess bag
Guess maroon bag, AUD$280. I know it's freaking expensive but i can't help it, i saw it in Melbourne and i knew if i don't get it i'll regret. Anyway, i regretted now because the bag pretty much triggers EVERYDshop's alarm, not sure if it's the metal or ...I DON'T KNOW! i seldom use it unless i know i'm not going into the malls, other than that, i love it's size and shape...and it can be a sling bag too!

Burberry smoked check leather bag
Burberry smoked check small leather bag, SGD$429. Cina pong got me this from singapore as my birthday gift. I love it max!

coach gathered leather madison in bone
Coach madison gathered leather bag in bone&brass, RM1400. GOM got me this for my birthday, I love the colour and everything little thing about the bag. It's in bone colour and the leather was beautifully folded in waves. This is my 1st light colour bag and even if it gets dirty, it won't be too obvious.

Prada Nylon Jacquard
Prada Nylon Jacqaurd in black, RM4600. This is a big bag, i love how i can put in my whole wardrobe and i still have space to chuck in Jasmine doggie. It's just so super super spacious, i know it might be a little over priced for a nylon bag, but i've been eyeing on Prada for awhile, so why not? 

I still have a lots of "little-small-seldom used-don't know where they were-back at home" bags, i didn't picture them because some are missing, duh! or some are just too old , or some simply i won't used them any more.

Looks like i don't have a lot of bags, so i can still get myself a Balenciaga this year, right?


YT said...

Err... and I tot this post is supposed to make u realize u don need another bag? Whatever it is.

I think you have more bags than I do... Hmm...

Stephanie meiyu said...

i confused myself :(

nah, u have more than me for sure..let me count..

alexa,burberry,jollie,agnesb,kate spade,coach,ferragamo,longchamp and etc..

u have quality bags, i have nonsense waste money bags.

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ricky puspito said...

woow..your bag collection is realy very beautiful! love it!