Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family trip to Langkawi (part 1)

Yes, i went for holidays again :)

This time was just a short trip of 3 days 2 nights to Langkawi with my dad,aunt, uncles and cousins, sadly, sheena couldn't make it, she needs to work that weekend.

It was a great time being together, though it's tiring because we spent most of our time in the car,hehehe! Dad decided to drove all the way from KL to Kuala Kedah and picked me up from Autocity on the way.

We headed to Ong Cheng Huat for lunch, none of us been there before and dad had to rely on my poor directions but nevertheless we managed to reached there with a few U-turns made. Applause to myself.

After lunch, we headed straight to Kuala Kedah and just in time for the 430pm ferry ride.

Parking for 2 nights at kuala kedah is about RM30, and ferry to langkawi is RM23 per person per trip.I think this will be my last ferry ride to langkawi, it was horrible. Jammed packed with people, kids crying and shouting all the way, and the jetty smells like dead fish. I know it's common to have kids crying and shouting, and i know it's unavoidable, but i just don't like loud annoying noise, therefore, i avoid going to places like this anymore, like public transports.

Anyway, yea, i survived through the ride despite surferring from mild migraine.


Dad booked 2 chalets from Berjaya Langkawi Resort and it is 3000 miles away from the jetty!! and worse come to worse, we took the longest way (option #1) and took us an hour to reach! we could have taken the shortest way (option #2) which is across the island for 30 mins only. 


We reached hotel about 8pm and there goes our 1st day, we pretty much did nothing buy in the car reading maps.

what made us really happy after a long tiring car ride was this beautiful Berjaya hotel lobby.




having fun in the buggy

chalets are located rather far from the lobby, hence they have 24 hours buggy service to fetch you in and out of your chalets, so convenient heh? All we need to do is to wait at the lobby and the buggy comes in almost every minute. and call the buggy service counter every time you wanted to leave your chalet, they will send one almost immediately. super efficient.

out semi-d rainforest's chalet, dad made sure we're side by side to each other.





the best thing about the rooms are the door to link to the other room, making these 2 rooms into one big room, i love it.

the bathroom



the balcony


after freshen up, we went straight to Cenang beach for dinner. Most of the Chinese restaurants are seafood restaurant, but we didn't have lobster, we had normal seafood like prawns and crabs.

giant lobsters.I did see a lot of foreigners order table fulled of food, and most of them had lobster, i supposed it's comparatively cheaper there.

this was funny, they gave us plastic crab crsuher which dad almost broke it while he tried to crush a crab claw...

during dinner, uncle met his old friend which he hadn't seen him for almost 20 years. My uncle worked in langkawi for another a year 20 years back then and never returned until now, and to bump into a old friend 20 years later, it was simply amazing. They chatted for awhile, while we took a walk down the Cenang beach street, most of the shops were closed coz it was rather late already. 


YT said...

Love the chalets. How much is that?

Stephanie meiyu said...

me love that too! but i don't know how much is that, my dad did the booking...