Monday, April 23, 2012

Brunch at Ferringhi Garden Cafe

Gom loves to check out new cafes and try new food, I don't know where he found out there's this new cafe at Bt Ferringhi called, The Ferringhi Garden cafe. I've gotta clarify that this isn't the well known Ferringhi Garden, this is a small cafe next to it, serving only breakfast and light lunch.

It has indoor which is air-conditioned and outdoor. I can literally smell the greeny smell of the leafs, super refreshing.

The garden area was a little damp due to the rain

They made their coffee outside at the hallway

Funny looking plant

we took the table at the hallway



his - Smoked salmon jumbo sandwich


mine - golden chicken wrap (basically it's curry chicken cubes wrapped with herbs and oatmeal wraps)

Honestly, food was not bad (I am not very picky with food) considering that i had 6 ulcers in my mouth that day and i wasn't feeling too well. The wraps were a bit too hard for me and it took me awhile to finish them, I had 6 ulcers!! you cannot imagine the pain especially when i was really hungry,the pain in every bite almost killed me . these ulcers were scattered around my mouth, i had 3 on my tongue, 1 on my left upper lip and another 1 on my right upper lip, and the last one was on my lower left lip...


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