Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Gold Coast- day 4

Today's itinerary was simple, the beach and shopping. As usual, we woke up pretty early for breakfast. Love the hotel's breakfast so much, only $15 per head for a free fkow beacon supply, i could have brought the camera with me but i didn't, what a waste, or else i can show  how much quality food they served.

Woke up to a scene like this, makes me wanted to live in Gold Coast for good.

After breakfast, we headed to Surfer's Paradise beach. Learning how much coins we need to put in.


The beach!  Very cold and very cloudy day.


The sea water was freezing! i don't know how these surfers surf.

I took off my shoes and played along

The water was really really cold!

Shawn wanted to play too.


we did something really "highschool" -.-

We had so much fun playing at the beach.

We spent the rest of the day at Harbour Town doing shopping, it's place with a lot of outlets. Shawn bought 2 Levi's jeans and i bought "ican'tcount" amount of things, mostly dresses and tops. 

Dinner, Shawn's friend Catherine brought us to Moo-moo, a very famous local steak house and we had Wagyu beef and red wine. I love my last dinner in Gold Coast.

On the next morning, we checked out and headed back to Penang.

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