Friday, March 23, 2012

Determine to lose weight

To my horror, the screen showed 54.5kg when i stood on a digital scale last week! i've gained 4.5kg ...i need to lose weight. 

These are the steps i'm gonna do,

1. cut down on food intake, i'm gonna eat half of whatever i order and if i'm eating at home, it will just gonna be something light.

2. i suffer from constipation, very serious type. I can go on without doing business in the toilet for 1-2 weeks, you can't imagine that. Hence, I've decided to quit meat, not entirely but trying to. I haven't been eating meat for 1 week, and eating generous amount of fruits daily, i hope it helps. Besides, I'm already taking fibre and prune juice occasionally. 

3. Back to the gym. I've stopped for God knows how long, i used to jog so much that everyone thought I'm crazy, but when my workload piles up and my laziness kicks in, not to mention that i usually needs to work till late and i just got really tired. so now, i went back to the gym but starting slow, i jogged on the treadmill every week for 30 mins, and slowly, twice a week and 3 times a week for at least 40 mins to an hour each session. Exercise doesn't make u lose weigh, but it helps to boost your metabolism rate and stimulate blood circulation. Other than that, i was healthier back then, at least I'd never suffer from migraine or period pain.

thats all for now. I will update my daily routine so to monitor myself. Ii wanted to lose at least 5kg.

Wish me luck.

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TSL said...

may both the force and luck with you~
But seriously, "not doing business" for more than a week is too extreme already, not normal constipation any more, better go check it out!!