Saturday, March 31, 2012

Turning 28

Time flies so freaking fast, in a blink of eye, I'm 28 already but deep inside my heart, i always wanted to be my mom's little girl. Growing up means more responsibility, and i had more because i lived away from home. Once in awhile, i get homesick but that was alright, I'm used to it already.

Time is miraculous, i still remember when i was 8, Sheena and I were playing fashion show with my mom's clothes outside our old house, and the next thing we know, we are now living in separate cities. I miss those old days..

Anyway, back to my birthday celebration. I'm always so blessed with good people around me, my family, my friends and my grumpy old man. They took effort to make my birthday meaningful and lots of gifts.


GOM old man got me a Coach gathered leather madison in bone colour, I'm so in love with it. He didn't choose the bag of course, i got it from US from a friend and he paid for it, haha! speaking about practicality ..


Gom brought me to eat chinese on my Birthday, nothing special but i love the effort he'd put in, afterall Chinese is my favourite food.

IMG-20120222-00298 IMG-20120225-00301

We went for a drink at  Brussel Beer after dinner and had a slice of cake for each of us. His birthday was 2 days before mine, so we sort of celebrated together.

We also spent an weekend in Genting, the weather was great, food was awsome (he knows i always love buffet over fine dinning).


Had birthday breakfast at Genting Hotel.

*sorry for the horrible picture quality, i didn't bring camera, so we relied on our stupid camera phone.

I feel so blessed to have him. My birthday celebration was simple but it touches my heart for the amount of effort he'd put in, considering that he seldom do things like this :)


On the other hand, my honey E-ting also put in quite a bit of time to choose my birthday pressie, and usually my pressie were bought overseas, weird little girl, she only shops outside Malaysia. This year, she got me 2 pressie, one is a dancing Sully from HongKong Disneyland and the other is a pair of killing heels from Charles and Keith Singapore.


He looks so innocent right? when he dances, i laughed my lungs out, super cute.


..and its so fluffy i want to hug him to bed everynight..


I made her wrapped my pressie, because birthday pressie supposed to be wrapped isn't it? all she does was to taped  the opening of the plastic


Hun bought the exact same pair of heels for herself, couple heels konon..haha! i love the colour, i've always wanted a coffee/nude heels and this is perfect.


these are super high but surprisingly very stable. Thank you hun..i love her :)


Sheena recently went to Philadelphia/New york for holidays, and she got me a pairs of Tod's leather loafers


look at those cute red leather bows


and thier signature little rubber studs. Thank you sister! i love them :)


This year was special, bestie bought me pressie and had it posted to me right before my birthday.


it was a Couch wristlet. I super love the turquoise tag and the lining inside, mataches with my Madison.


she also attached a hand written note along with the package. I'm so happie :)

besides all these fabulous gifts, my colleagues treated me birthday lunchs too, and Daddy gave me cash as pressie, hehehe! 

I have to admit that February is my favourite month! because Chinese New Year, Valentine's day, Daddy's birthday, Sheena's birthday, GOM's birthday and my birthday are in February, so much celebrations!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Determine to lose weight

To my horror, the screen showed 54.5kg when i stood on a digital scale last week! i've gained 4.5kg ...i need to lose weight. 

These are the steps i'm gonna do,

1. cut down on food intake, i'm gonna eat half of whatever i order and if i'm eating at home, it will just gonna be something light.

2. i suffer from constipation, very serious type. I can go on without doing business in the toilet for 1-2 weeks, you can't imagine that. Hence, I've decided to quit meat, not entirely but trying to. I haven't been eating meat for 1 week, and eating generous amount of fruits daily, i hope it helps. Besides, I'm already taking fibre and prune juice occasionally. 

3. Back to the gym. I've stopped for God knows how long, i used to jog so much that everyone thought I'm crazy, but when my workload piles up and my laziness kicks in, not to mention that i usually needs to work till late and i just got really tired. so now, i went back to the gym but starting slow, i jogged on the treadmill every week for 30 mins, and slowly, twice a week and 3 times a week for at least 40 mins to an hour each session. Exercise doesn't make u lose weigh, but it helps to boost your metabolism rate and stimulate blood circulation. Other than that, i was healthier back then, at least I'd never suffer from migraine or period pain.

thats all for now. I will update my daily routine so to monitor myself. Ii wanted to lose at least 5kg.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Gold Coast- day 4

Today's itinerary was simple, the beach and shopping. As usual, we woke up pretty early for breakfast. Love the hotel's breakfast so much, only $15 per head for a free fkow beacon supply, i could have brought the camera with me but i didn't, what a waste, or else i can show  how much quality food they served.

Woke up to a scene like this, makes me wanted to live in Gold Coast for good.

After breakfast, we headed to Surfer's Paradise beach. Learning how much coins we need to put in.


The beach!  Very cold and very cloudy day.


The sea water was freezing! i don't know how these surfers surf.

I took off my shoes and played along

The water was really really cold!

Shawn wanted to play too.


we did something really "highschool" -.-

We had so much fun playing at the beach.

We spent the rest of the day at Harbour Town doing shopping, it's place with a lot of outlets. Shawn bought 2 Levi's jeans and i bought "ican'tcount" amount of things, mostly dresses and tops. 

Dinner, Shawn's friend Catherine brought us to Moo-moo, a very famous local steak house and we had Wagyu beef and red wine. I love my last dinner in Gold Coast.

On the next morning, we checked out and headed back to Penang.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

GoldCoast -day 3

It took me forever to continue with this GoldCoast travelogue!

Moving on, on the 3rd day, we visited Movie Movie! Hun said this is the best park compares with DreamWorld n i left the best for the last.

We got out of bed rather early so we could maximize our time. We went down to the hotel for breakfast simply because both of us were too lazy to cook. The rest had thier breakfast in the room.

We departed at around 9am and reached Movie World about an hour later. Shawn drove and we dozed off in the car, heavenly!

Sunny but very cold, we were freezing. I don't understand how shawn move around with his flipflops and shorts in a weather like this.


I freaking love this ride, Superman.

I took pictures with my childhood heros.

Shawn is feeling uncomfortable with cat woman, hahaa! so hilarious..

scooby dooby doo and the team..

then we went for car stunt show.Amazing!



we had lunch at the Gotham City Cafe. Food wasn't extraordinary, just burgers n chips but we had a great time having lunch outdoor in winter.


It got a little less chilly in the afternoon.



Had so much Churros while waiting for the parade to start.

Sylvester the cat and his car.

Poser Bugs Bunny

Tweety bird took the girl's ice-cream.

..and Duffy was trying to feed her with the ice-cream

Dancing bird n duck

We left Movie World around 5pm and head back to hotel to get ready for dinner. All of us dozed off on the way back, exhausted!