Friday, January 06, 2012

Gold Coast -day2

we woke up rather early and walked down to the street for breakfast, just GOM and I, the rest preferred to stay back and cooked thier breakfasy instead. I always love breakfast, especially big breakfast, i could die for it.

Morning was cold, like..duhhhh, it was winter of course it was cold right? We didn't dressed up for it and was too lazy to go back just get a jacket. Therefore instead of a slow walk along the street to enjoy the sea breeze like we've intended to and to find a nice cafe for breakfast, we simply settled for the nearest one.

This place is call the house of pancake, or something similar...argh, u know i'm not good at names!

The best thing i love about Aussie is the freash bacons they serve in the restaurant, super yummilicious. AFter breakfast, we quickly walked back and get ready. I'm a sucker for themeparks!

YEAY! Dreamworld! pictures were taken in the evening which means the lighting aint too good and i feeeeeeel so sad because i don't have a nice picture in the front exit, this is the best i can have. argh! stupid tiah didn't know how to use a camera,they are all totally out of focus!

It was 11am in the morning and the temperature feels just right! Sunny, windy and not cold at all.

The mega Giant Drop, i didn't dare to go back i freaking don't like the feeling of free dropping. It was 120m in height ok!#@#$!@%#%

Kiahling, GOM and tiah went, and the 2 guys went again before we leave, crazy!

 so they claimed it was awesome...i don't know

walking around the colourful shops

this is my favourite picture of the whole GoldCoast album, it's so hard to have a nice decent picture of both GOM and I.

My signature pose, YT calls this tonguezilla

WIPEOUT, they swing you 360 degree up and down. GOM's coins all dropped out from his pants, hehe!  It was not an extreme ride but fun enough to laugh through the day.

spot me

Fooling aroud and taking pictures with cute buildings.

Tonguezilla with YT's favourite.

he forgot his surf pants.


Tower Of Terror was my favourite, i went twice, i could have gone for more if i have the time.

We were supposed to watch sheep shearing show, but i sorta lost the way and missed it. argh! blame to the stupid map!

but it was ok, at least i still get to play with Collie dog, which clearly he didn't bother playing with me at all. He was, erm, guarding ..working dog.

GOM: "hey doggie doggie, do you wanna eat bones"  --wtf-

This one was a prettier collie, longer coat.

played with the wool.

They have wallabies too! The mother wallaby was milking her baby

hello buddy!

kiahling was trying to seduce the "fake giant koala"  -slam forehead--

ShockWave. Check out out hair, hilarious!

group picture before leaving. the thing on my head, is was Gary!


We went back to shower and rest a bit before heading out for dinner. Our initial plan was Hooters but it was understand renovation, arggghhh!! so we met up with Shawn's friend somewhere quite outskirt, took us awhile to reach. Had pasta pizza for dinner and headed back to the apartment.

Shawn and I went down to the street for a walk, IT WAS FREEZING AT NIGHT and empty! It was only 10pm. WE spotted quite a number of store that sell nothing but alcohol and cigarette, they call it bottle shops. they were so many types of beer and wines and liquor! we bought 5 different ones each night.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 new year resolution

It's the time of the year again, 2012 resolution.

I don't have the habit to jot down my new year's resolution, i usually keep them in my head and never properly lay them down in a piece of paper. This year, I've decided to do so, just to see by the end of 2012, have i achieve most of them.

so here it goes....

In year 2012, I want to..

1. Eat fruits everyday or at least make it a habit to eat regularly.
2. Loose weight, i'm currently 52kg, i'm targeting to loose about 4kg.
3. Read 5 books, about 1 book every 2.4 months.
4. Stop complaining about GOM, try to be less demanding. 
5. shop less, only go shopping once every 3 months. Stop buying nonsense, unless things. 

I know i have too many bad habits to get rid off, but baby steps, I don't want to rush into everything and stress up myself. 
For 2012, these should be good, and it's not easy!! Especially number 5.