Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sometime to myself

Shawn and I had breakfast at Oldtown today, which is very very rare, because he don't do breakfast. Unless special occasion like he'd done something bad and to make up to me, he brings me for breakfast.

Anyway, today's different, he had an early flight to KL to attend his cousin's wedding. I picked him up from his house and send him off to the airport at 11am. Then i came home to rest because heading out again.

I picked up Yeeting and YungMing for lunch before sending them off to the airport, yes! Twice in a day. They are going to "Sawadeekap land" to celebrate their one year anniversary (married). Time flies, can you believe it ? My babe has been married for a year already. 

After that i went to do some groceries shopping at Giant. Oh, before that, let me comment a bit on litter bugs. Giant Bayan Baru has an open space car park and i noticed rubbish were everywhere, the most were on the walk way. These people are simply brainless!! I don't these people, is it that difficult to throw your rubbish into the designated bins? Such a simple task and they can't do it right!! 

I hate it. 

Back to my shopping, I tends to spend a lot of money on nonsense things like this,

I can't help it, i must get it for Yeeting, it reminds me of her husband YUNGMING! hahaha!

I also bought chinese herbs soup pack. These packs are easy to cook, throw whatever that is in the pack into the slow cooker, put in enough amount of meat, usually we'll put in pork or chicken.

Cook about 3 hours and my dinner is served. It's so delicious and so simple to cook. I have to confess, i can't cook, but there are a lot of ready packed ingredients in the shops which makes cooking way more simpler than i can imagine.

While waiting for the soup to be ready, i made bracelet. I made one similar one for Sheena years back and her friend love it so much that she had to make me remade it for her.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Things in my bathroom and dressing table

Let's start with my bathroom,


I have,
     - 3 shower gels
     - 3 body scrubs
     - 4 shampoos
     - 1 hair conditioner


On the other side of my bathroom, I have,
     - 3 facial cleansers
     - 1 facial scrubs
     - 1 facial exfoliator
     - 1 makeup remover
     - 1 nose mask
     - 1 toothpaste
     - 2 tooth brushes
     - 1 contact lens solution

On my dressing table, not really a typical dressing table, i only have my mirror on my side table where i put my stuffs on it. My makeups are inside the drawers.

I have,
    - 1 toner
    - 1 moisturizer
    - 1 refining cream
    - 1 recovering cream for my pimple scars, I'm prone to scars and they never go away after gazillion       of years
    - 1 sunblock
    - 1 eye cream for night, it's not in the picture because I've forgotten


for my hair, I have,
       - 1 hair colour protection toner 
       - 3 hair serums
       - 1 heat protection spray

apart from all that, i also have tones of masks, sunblocks for body, hair mousses, body lotions and body powder and etc..gosh, if i hadn't jotted down what i have, i didn't know i use so many things daily and worse they're increasing. For face alone, i have more than 10! 

When it comes my hair, i have not only serums and protection solutions, i also blow and curl my hair everyday, as well as do mask and treatments once in a while. What about my nails? gosshh..i better not tell. 

It's so troublesome to be a woman! 

As for a man, he needs,
    - 1 soap for hair, face, and body.

see, it's easier to be a man than a woman! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Basketball tournament at work

I got up really early today and checked in to work at 645am! I had an early meeting with SanJose designer, i bet this is common when we have to work with US counterpart, it's either they stay back late or we checked in early for meeting. Time zone difference sucks! 

Apart from having a super duper early meeting, today Altera has its in house basketball tournament after work, I had to stay back to help out because I am the committee. The game started on time at 530pm, we had the PA system, tables, chairs and digital scoreboard set up by then. 

Today was fun, I'd learned how to write the score cards and crashed course on the game rules plus some hand signs from the referees. I had my dinner by the court, Alan, the chairman bought us dinner and tong sui, so nice of him. 

Everything went smoothly and i left a bit earlier because i was too tired already. Shawn came over and we watched TV plus fight a bit, which is very normal. As long as both of us are tired, we fight.

so yeah, that's my day, pretty boring heh? I gotta catch some sleep now or else my boss will find me looking like zombie again. Yes, he always comment that i look like i don't have enough sleep, which is half true, the other half is because i never put make up *.*

oh!! i must jot this down, i sent my car to wash after more than a year. I havent washed my car ever since i started dating Shawn, or even earlier than that. It's weird that the car never seems to be too dirty, except that it has ants invasion a couple of weeks ago because i parked my car under the trees. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, one year with my grumpy old man

Last weekend we celebrated our 1st year anniversary together. This year feels so long, but I'm glad everything 's good now. We never fought as much as we did, I don't even remember when was the last time we had a real fight!

Things were different back then, I was paranoia . I didn't trust him at all, I questioned everything single thing he did, and there was no peace in me. I don't have the confidence that I used to have in the relationship anymore, i constantly wanted to give up and so did he. I was surprised we didn't end up going on our separate ways.

This relationship didn't start off as most people would called it, honeymoon period. We spent our time fighting over the phones, ignoring each other and sending emails on how we are not meant to be with each other and the list goes on. I always believe that something had put us together, or else we won't had lasted this long.

Phew....I'm glad it's over.

I enjoy his company more than ever now, and that he compromises and shows me that he cares for me a lot.

So, back to the one year celebration. He brought to the Hardrock hotel, and we checked in as KIng's club! It was awesome possum. We checked in from the private lounge and they served us welcome drinks.


apart from that, they also upgraded our room to with balcony.

the room was spacious and cozy.

the airy bathroom.

drools checked in with us :) have i mentioned that this was my 1st gift from shawn....*sweet* till can die

That's me camwhoring with the mirrors in the room.

After settled down with our bags and freshen up a bit, we went right straight to King's lounge for tea break.

The place was cozy and the staffs were super super friendly! they know everyone's name and they make sure we remember theirs too.

shawn was more excited than me. because he gets to have free flow happy juice in the lounge.

drinks were served in the fridge and we're allowed to have any of them from 7am -11pm everyday.


they served all types of desserts during tea break. we drank and ate so much that we had to skipped lunch.

after teabreak, we went to the pool to chilled and play with the float, not forgetting the slide as well. We acted like a kids!


At 6pm, we went back to King's lounge for cocktail party, we had freelfow cocktails and some finger food. This time we sat outside at the balcony so we can enjoy the evening breeze.

They served dimsums and they were yummilicious! Again, we ate too much that we had to skipped dinner.

I ordered a few cocktails and they all tasted like antibiotics, i chucked them to Shawn. hehehe!

On the same night itself, Hardrock was having foam party by the pool and it's free for all in house guests.

The party started from 7pm -12am. From the lounge, we heard the happening noise of the party. Being a little tipsy, both of us went down to the party happily. It was a great experience, at least, when someone asked what i did for my 1st year anniversary, i can proudly tell her that i went for a foam party.

After the party, both of us were so exhausted that we slept through the night and only woke up for supper.

On the next day, we had a long, filling breakfast at the hotel.Then, checked-out at 130pm.

I made him a simple small card. 

we went shopping at the RockShop after breakfast and shawn bought each of us a T-shirt. I always think that Hardrock T-shirts are over priced! 

Happy 1st year anniversay, my grumpy old man!


Downloaded this new app called Blogsy for iPad, it is basically a tool to blog from iPad.I'm in the middle of exploring it, looks like it's much easier and definitely cooler to blog from the web, especially on the pictures/videos insertion, I can link my Flickr account and simply drag and paste my photos into my post. How cool can that be?

The bad side of it, I can't change my font colour.

Meanwhile, check out the video tutorial, I bet u will love it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time management: 25 hours per day & Shawn came back from Bangkok

After such a long weekend, I was suffering from holiday hangover. Dragged myself out of bed in the morning, and darn it! It had to rain and the weather was too nice and cooling, made it even harder for me to accept the fact that i had to go to work.

I was late for work, as usual =.= i only reach office early when i have 8am meeting. Anyway, today is the 1st day of my 2 days soft skill training, time management: 25 hours per day. 

In the training, we were given a lots of opportunity to reflect on ourselves, our life's goals and how are we supposed to achieve that. A lot of questions were asked, and i noticed there were a lot of standard answers, engineers are not creative at all! 

For example, "what are your natural and gifted talents?" there were a lot of typical answers like these; 
          " I'm good at troubleshooting and fast learner"
          " I can be very friendly to colleagues and good at communications"'s so boringgggggggg! why must they linked everything to work? On the other hand, mine was
         " I'm talented and gifted in arts and design"

I've been to a lot of soft skill training throughout my 4 years of working, and i often find myself thinking very differently from my colleagues. I have all sorts of ideas and risking solutions which engineers don't like it. Simply because engineers are not risk taker, they do things according to simulation result and datas.

Despite them being boring and nothing but boring, these are the people who made the world today, agree!?

Apart from having to bear with less creative colleagues, I really enjoy what I'm doing. I am proud to say that i love my job!

Oh, have i told you i love trainings? Not because i get to learn something new,maybe a little, partially i guess, but the main reason is i get to off work ON TIME! therefore i left office at 515pm today, picked up shawn from the airport. Yeah, he went to Bangkok with his friends for 6 freaking nights, i don't know what he did there, let not think nor talk about it, so yeah, picked him up and went for Japanese for dinner.

The best thing when a friend or family or boyfriend came back from vacation are souvenirs! and guess what he got me this time?!

Yeap! They are Plants Vs. Zombies characters! LOVE EVERY BITS OF THEM!

I was playing around with them while driving. Please don't do that, it's dangerous! Only skillful driver like me can do it.

The 1st thing i did when i reached home is to arrange them together with my other bed members. One big family! 

After dinner, I drop him back home and came home early, since both of us are so exhausted already. I'm glad he's finally back :)

Dad is still in Tibet/China, I hope he is having maximum fun. It's good to be retired with enough wealth and health to enjoy the later part of life, dad set a very good example to us! He is fit, free and with enough money to do whatever he likes, he has no commitments anymore and his daughters are out making their own livings.