Friday, December 23, 2011

Wyndham Apartment -Surfers Paradise

Travelling with these bunch of friends of mine, means budget travelling. They will find all sorts of ways to get the cheapest tickets, cheapest apartment and cheapest airfares.  I think I've spend less than RM2.5K for the whole trip, excluding the money GOM paid for dinners ( we had expensive dinners, so...poor him, luckily he squeezed some cash out from the ONLY casino in GoldCoast)

As mentioned, budget trip, so i didn't have high hopes on the accommodation, since KL was the one who booked for us! it was only freaking RM500 per head for 4 nights, and we were upgraded.

when we checked in, i certainly never expected to see this,

beautifully decorated with turquoise colour interior, with cozy light as well.

or with complete utensils, you name it they have it in the cupboard. There was a dish washer as well! wow.....

and then, the bedroom...

the bedroom has seaview balcony...

so this is the balcony, super huge one!  connecting the bedroom and living's so nice but no one bother to stay outside too long, because it's freaking cold lo..

the bathroom, it's so cozy that we could stay inside forever..

so..thats all, i didn't take much pictures of the place. REGRET..*sulk* because it was so beautiful, cozy and nice..even the building itself gives a wow factor from the outside. i'm not kidding..

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