Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Women Want

I read this from somewhere and find it quite interesting,

Contrary to popular stereotypes, women don't need expensive handbags or diamond rings from their loved one to be happy. Yes, we like material things but it's the small gestures and habits that create a more lasting and loving impression. 

1. No secrets
Share your secrets with your girl. It shows her that you trust her and you're opening up to her. Whether it's an embarrassing one or your personal wishes, we won't judge you. In fact, we think it's sweet when a guy is brave enough to admit something that only his bestfriends know (or no one at all!).

2. Be her pillar of strength
Most modern women are independent and ambition-driven, but that doesn't mean we're strong 24/7. Be there when she's feeling down, make her believe in herself when her self-confidence hits rock bottom, and she'll do the same to you.

3. Surprise her
You don't need to buy a Louis Vuitton or Prada bag to make your woman happy. Little surprises out of the blue will gain you plus points and a 100-watt smile from her. Flowers are available all year round, not only on her birthday or anniversaries. If you know she loves cute things, get her a small stuffed toy, or if she likes a certain beauty brand, get her a perfume or body care products.

4. Spare time for her
Being young and ambitious, a lot of us just concentrate on work or parties all the time, and we tend to abandon our loved one. Regular meals together will strengthen your relationship - it's a private time for both of you to talk to each other without interruptions. Remember to keep your phone away from the table though, or else you'll be paying more attention to it than to your girl!

5. Respect
A lot of guys still have a 'macho' mentality and think that women are the weaker sex. That's where you're wrong. Don't belittle her ambitions or make fun of her when she makes a mistake. Take her seriously and respect her as an individual.

6. Love her, love her body
Stop nagging about how she should hit the gym and lose weight, stop making fun of her love handles. Comparisons with other 'hot' girls won't improve your relationship or her self-esteem either. You fell inlove with her for who she is, so why the need to change her looks?

7. Cook
Cook for her once in a while. We're not talking about a five-course meal, but simple things like pasta dinner (accompanied by a bottle of good wine), or a simple breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning.

8. PDA
Hold her hand in front of your mates, give her a kiss and don't be shy to hug her in public. Don't go overboard and do it non-stop though, we want sweet gestures, not sexual ones!

9. Tell her she's beautiful
Your other half should be the most beautiful girl in the world to you, and let her know that - often! A lot of guys constantly compliment other girls but not the one who's actually next to them!

10. Share your feelings
If you miss her, let her know. Tell her how you feel about her - the 'I love you's' should be expressed more often than just during your anniversary.

11. Stand up for her
If anyone says anything bad about your girl or makes fun of her, don't be a jerk and just agree or laugh along. You should have her back and stand up for her in such situations.

12. Bring her shopping
Again, we don't mean you should max out your credit cards by bringing us to expensive, high-end stores. Monthly or bi-monthly trips to high street stores like Topshop or Forever 21, or even stand-alone clothing boutiques have affordable dresses that we love!

13. Be responsible
Pay the bills on time, don't be late to dinner dates, and help your loved one out in household matters. Guys, it's not okay to make your woman wait hours for you or on you.

14. Be more adventurous...in bed
Most of the women we conducted the survey with exclaimed that their other halves are not making enough effort in bed. If you're doing the same thing over and over again, your woman will slowly feel sexually disconnected from you, so be more adventurous and try out some new positions - after all, sex is healthy for you!

15. Chivalry is not dead
Women woud like to believe that chivalry still exists among this generation of men. Be a gentleman and hold the door open for your lady, open your car door for her, or take her hand when crossing the street. This shows that you care for her wellbeing and comfort.

16. Attention
Be attentive to your woman's needs and emotions. If she has had a tough day at work, let her rest and don't expect her to still cook dinner for you while you just sit around and watch TV. If she looks unhappy, ask her what's the matter, talk to her, or give her a hug.

17. Hang out with her friends
Make the effort to get to know her friends and be nice to them. Some guys don't think it's important to hang out with his girl's friends, but see it as a way to get to know your girl better (friends can give an insight about her character as well!) and, it's always good to have her friends on your side!

18. Be honest
The truth can hurt, but it's always best to be honest. If you want to hang out with your friends, then tell her instead of doing it behind her back (a lot of guys will give the excuse of being busy with 'work' rather than admit he's with his friends!). Or if something's bothering you, then let your girl know. A relationship can only survive when there's no communication barrier between a couple.

19. Keep your promises
Women dislike guys who are 'All Talk, No Action'. If you promised to bring her out on a date, or even small things like calling her, make sure you do it. When you keep on forgetting, you're creating the impression that you're irresponsible and she can't depend on you to keep your word.

20. She should be a priority
A girl doesn't want to be an option, she wants to be a priority. A happy relationship exists when two people make each other a priority, equally. This means being considerate, having respect and making her an important aspect of your life.

Nobody's perfect but if you try to follow these 20 steps, you will definitely make your woman happy and your relationship stronger. Needless to say, it works both ways, so girls, make sure you treat your men well, too!

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