Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gold Coast -day1 (part2)

...... continue from part 1

then there were lots of cage-less wallabies and kangaroos! i went crazy, i was about to scream in excitement. Even with their poo-poo scattering all over the place, i still find them uber cute and almost refuse to leave the place. Until shawn had to literally dragged me out.


A happy girl feeding a wallaby

That's GOM, not sure what's the action for

Weird GOM

goldcoast_147 what?

this is so cute! wallaby is taller than a baby girl

I know it's winter and it's cold ,but he didn't have to do this!! hahaha! The best part was he didn't freaking care at all, happily sunbathing his tektek

Finally a picture of just both of us, love being in a picture with him,because i look so much slimmer, keke!

and us again

Mother wallaby spotted with her baby!

so cute.

and then the typical photo booth at the exit, most people would pay to take a picture with the koala, but i didn't. I went to take with baby crocodile instead, because i find it less common *faints*  I swear i have a soft copy of the picture, but i didn't know where is it now. FML

With that ended our tour to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We spent one whole freaking day in that park and by the time we left it was almost dinner time already. 

We checked in to our apartment at Surfer's Paradise, Wyndham, the place was gorgeous~~!! more piccies on that in another post, i promise! 

After freshen up a bit, GOM's friend, picked us up and went for ribs! Yummilicious...i didn't bring my camera out because that thing is hopeless at night without external flash, therefore i didn't bother to carry it with me. We had a wonderful dinner and walked around the craft market a while, AND THE WEATHER WAS FREAKING bones were frozen and i swear if someone bump harder into me, i'll turn in dust and ashes...alright, i'm crapping.

But seriously, I thought Gold Coast isn't cold in winter?!

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