Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 new year resolution

It's the time of the year again, 2012 resolution.

I don't have the habit to jot down my new year's resolution, i usually keep them in my head and never properly lay them down in a piece of paper. This year, I've decided to do so, just to see by the end of 2012, have i achieve most of them.

so here it goes....

In year 2012, I want to..

1. Eat fruits everyday or at least make it a habit to eat regularly.
2. Loose weight, i'm currently 52kg, i'm targeting to loose about 4kg.
3. Read 5 books, about 1 book every 2.4 months.
4. Stop complaining about GOM, try to be less demanding. 
5. shop less, only go shopping once every 3 months. Stop buying nonsense, unless things. 

I know i have too many bad habits to get rid off, but baby steps, I don't want to rush into everything and stress up myself. 
For 2012, these should be good, and it's not easy!! Especially number 5.


YT said...

Yay~ to 48kg!

and BOO to number 4... *UNLIKE*

Stephanie meiyu said...

what wo, it's gooooooood for myself wat..