Monday, November 28, 2011

Bees for Bumble Bee night

This year annual dinner theme was Bumble Bee, i'm not sure how it came into picture, sounds like a baby shower party.

Anyway, i was supposed to design an email invitation for the event but i couldn't find pictures of bees which i like from the internet, so i drew them...


This is my initial bee design, then later i got addicted and drew a few more versions.


Monday- too much coffee

I drank too much coffee today, I am feeling a bit dizzy, a bit nausea..feeling really horrible now. 

Let's see what's i've been up to lately, 

1. Ran 10km in Penang Birdge marathon, not as tired as last year, but year after year i told myself not to sign up for the run simply because i don't like waking up at 4 in morning, yet YT always lure me into it. I blame her for that!

2. Be emcee for the 1st time in my company's annual dinner, i freaked out when i was appointed to host the event. I've been bugging the chairman to find a replacement, but he insisted that i should be the one. No choice, i ate my own fear and did it. It was way better than I've expected, thank goodness! 

3. Got my 1st christmas pressie from YT, it is confessions of a concealaholic by Benifits. I've been wanting this for a very very very long time, but i didn't get it because it was too pricey. Joy joy joy..

4. Sekeping Serendah short weekend getaway with friends. Duncan suggested that we should spend a short weekend together before 2011 ends. Sim and I will go down to KL together and meet up with the rest, in December. 

5. Bought Shawn a GAP cotton hoodie which he wanted it for quite awhile, it's his christmas pressie.

my hair is getting uglier, i'm thinking to do something about it before Chritsmas comes, should i cut it shorter again? or just touchup my colour? 

btw, i can't decide what i should get for Christmas, Shawn is being practical again, he said i should choose my own pressie and he'll pay for it. Of course, with a budget la!