Friday, October 07, 2011

zombie-fied friday

I got really lazy these days, the only time I'm free, I'm too tired to do anything. I totally feel it when Hun said she is exhasuted because she has been going out everynight and have no time to stay home and do nothing. 

Yeah! thats how i feel now, sometimes i wish i don't have plans but to just go home and read my book in bed and doze off.

Yesterday I was happy because I STAYED HOME! goodness, that felt super duper good, it's like having to go shopping with a credit card with no limit. 

Thats all for now, i'm too lazy to write somemore. I've edited zombie with Piknic, super cool online photo editting tool.


1 comment:

YT said...

Finally u understand how I felt. Isn't it great to just laze around not having to do anything? *plant mode on*