Monday, September 19, 2011

Time management: 25 hours per day & Shawn came back from Bangkok

After such a long weekend, I was suffering from holiday hangover. Dragged myself out of bed in the morning, and darn it! It had to rain and the weather was too nice and cooling, made it even harder for me to accept the fact that i had to go to work.

I was late for work, as usual =.= i only reach office early when i have 8am meeting. Anyway, today is the 1st day of my 2 days soft skill training, time management: 25 hours per day. 

In the training, we were given a lots of opportunity to reflect on ourselves, our life's goals and how are we supposed to achieve that. A lot of questions were asked, and i noticed there were a lot of standard answers, engineers are not creative at all! 

For example, "what are your natural and gifted talents?" there were a lot of typical answers like these; 
          " I'm good at troubleshooting and fast learner"
          " I can be very friendly to colleagues and good at communications"'s so boringgggggggg! why must they linked everything to work? On the other hand, mine was
         " I'm talented and gifted in arts and design"

I've been to a lot of soft skill training throughout my 4 years of working, and i often find myself thinking very differently from my colleagues. I have all sorts of ideas and risking solutions which engineers don't like it. Simply because engineers are not risk taker, they do things according to simulation result and datas.

Despite them being boring and nothing but boring, these are the people who made the world today, agree!?

Apart from having to bear with less creative colleagues, I really enjoy what I'm doing. I am proud to say that i love my job!

Oh, have i told you i love trainings? Not because i get to learn something new,maybe a little, partially i guess, but the main reason is i get to off work ON TIME! therefore i left office at 515pm today, picked up shawn from the airport. Yeah, he went to Bangkok with his friends for 6 freaking nights, i don't know what he did there, let not think nor talk about it, so yeah, picked him up and went for Japanese for dinner.

The best thing when a friend or family or boyfriend came back from vacation are souvenirs! and guess what he got me this time?!

Yeap! They are Plants Vs. Zombies characters! LOVE EVERY BITS OF THEM!

I was playing around with them while driving. Please don't do that, it's dangerous! Only skillful driver like me can do it.

The 1st thing i did when i reached home is to arrange them together with my other bed members. One big family! 

After dinner, I drop him back home and came home early, since both of us are so exhausted already. I'm glad he's finally back :)

Dad is still in Tibet/China, I hope he is having maximum fun. It's good to be retired with enough wealth and health to enjoy the later part of life, dad set a very good example to us! He is fit, free and with enough money to do whatever he likes, he has no commitments anymore and his daughters are out making their own livings.

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