Friday, September 23, 2011

Things in my bathroom and dressing table

Let's start with my bathroom,


I have,
     - 3 shower gels
     - 3 body scrubs
     - 4 shampoos
     - 1 hair conditioner


On the other side of my bathroom, I have,
     - 3 facial cleansers
     - 1 facial scrubs
     - 1 facial exfoliator
     - 1 makeup remover
     - 1 nose mask
     - 1 toothpaste
     - 2 tooth brushes
     - 1 contact lens solution

On my dressing table, not really a typical dressing table, i only have my mirror on my side table where i put my stuffs on it. My makeups are inside the drawers.

I have,
    - 1 toner
    - 1 moisturizer
    - 1 refining cream
    - 1 recovering cream for my pimple scars, I'm prone to scars and they never go away after gazillion       of years
    - 1 sunblock
    - 1 eye cream for night, it's not in the picture because I've forgotten


for my hair, I have,
       - 1 hair colour protection toner 
       - 3 hair serums
       - 1 heat protection spray

apart from all that, i also have tones of masks, sunblocks for body, hair mousses, body lotions and body powder and etc..gosh, if i hadn't jotted down what i have, i didn't know i use so many things daily and worse they're increasing. For face alone, i have more than 10! 

When it comes my hair, i have not only serums and protection solutions, i also blow and curl my hair everyday, as well as do mask and treatments once in a while. What about my nails? gosshh..i better not tell. 

It's so troublesome to be a woman! 

As for a man, he needs,
    - 1 soap for hair, face, and body.

see, it's easier to be a man than a woman! 


YT said...

Wow... I din know u have so many things!!! Err... can I borrow (cheapskate tak de duit to buy her own, poor me!)

Stephanie meiyu said...

u seldom use also!