Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sometime to myself

Shawn and I had breakfast at Oldtown today, which is very very rare, because he don't do breakfast. Unless special occasion like he'd done something bad and to make up to me, he brings me for breakfast.

Anyway, today's different, he had an early flight to KL to attend his cousin's wedding. I picked him up from his house and send him off to the airport at 11am. Then i came home to rest because heading out again.

I picked up Yeeting and YungMing for lunch before sending them off to the airport, yes! Twice in a day. They are going to "Sawadeekap land" to celebrate their one year anniversary (married). Time flies, can you believe it ? My babe has been married for a year already. 

After that i went to do some groceries shopping at Giant. Oh, before that, let me comment a bit on litter bugs. Giant Bayan Baru has an open space car park and i noticed rubbish were everywhere, the most were on the walk way. These people are simply brainless!! I don't these people, is it that difficult to throw your rubbish into the designated bins? Such a simple task and they can't do it right!! 

I hate it. 

Back to my shopping, I tends to spend a lot of money on nonsense things like this,

I can't help it, i must get it for Yeeting, it reminds me of her husband YUNGMING! hahaha!

I also bought chinese herbs soup pack. These packs are easy to cook, throw whatever that is in the pack into the slow cooker, put in enough amount of meat, usually we'll put in pork or chicken.

Cook about 3 hours and my dinner is served. It's so delicious and so simple to cook. I have to confess, i can't cook, but there are a lot of ready packed ingredients in the shops which makes cooking way more simpler than i can imagine.

While waiting for the soup to be ready, i made bracelet. I made one similar one for Sheena years back and her friend love it so much that she had to make me remade it for her.


YT said...

Err... that gorilla thingy is plain stupid hun... that reminds me of why I love u that much though!

Stephanie meiyu said...

indeed, thats y i got it for you!