Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, one year with my grumpy old man

Last weekend we celebrated our 1st year anniversary together. This year feels so long, but I'm glad everything 's good now. We never fought as much as we did, I don't even remember when was the last time we had a real fight!

Things were different back then, I was paranoia . I didn't trust him at all, I questioned everything single thing he did, and there was no peace in me. I don't have the confidence that I used to have in the relationship anymore, i constantly wanted to give up and so did he. I was surprised we didn't end up going on our separate ways.

This relationship didn't start off as most people would called it, honeymoon period. We spent our time fighting over the phones, ignoring each other and sending emails on how we are not meant to be with each other and the list goes on. I always believe that something had put us together, or else we won't had lasted this long.

Phew....I'm glad it's over.

I enjoy his company more than ever now, and that he compromises and shows me that he cares for me a lot.

So, back to the one year celebration. He brought to the Hardrock hotel, and we checked in as KIng's club! It was awesome possum. We checked in from the private lounge and they served us welcome drinks.


apart from that, they also upgraded our room to with balcony.

the room was spacious and cozy.

the airy bathroom.

drools checked in with us :) have i mentioned that this was my 1st gift from shawn....*sweet* till can die

That's me camwhoring with the mirrors in the room.

After settled down with our bags and freshen up a bit, we went right straight to King's lounge for tea break.

The place was cozy and the staffs were super super friendly! they know everyone's name and they make sure we remember theirs too.

shawn was more excited than me. because he gets to have free flow happy juice in the lounge.

drinks were served in the fridge and we're allowed to have any of them from 7am -11pm everyday.


they served all types of desserts during tea break. we drank and ate so much that we had to skipped lunch.

after teabreak, we went to the pool to chilled and play with the float, not forgetting the slide as well. We acted like a kids!


At 6pm, we went back to King's lounge for cocktail party, we had freelfow cocktails and some finger food. This time we sat outside at the balcony so we can enjoy the evening breeze.

They served dimsums and they were yummilicious! Again, we ate too much that we had to skipped dinner.

I ordered a few cocktails and they all tasted like antibiotics, i chucked them to Shawn. hehehe!

On the same night itself, Hardrock was having foam party by the pool and it's free for all in house guests.

The party started from 7pm -12am. From the lounge, we heard the happening noise of the party. Being a little tipsy, both of us went down to the party happily. It was a great experience, at least, when someone asked what i did for my 1st year anniversary, i can proudly tell her that i went for a foam party.

After the party, both of us were so exhausted that we slept through the night and only woke up for supper.

On the next day, we had a long, filling breakfast at the hotel.Then, checked-out at 130pm.

I made him a simple small card. 

we went shopping at the RockShop after breakfast and shawn bought each of us a T-shirt. I always think that Hardrock T-shirts are over priced! 

Happy 1st year anniversay, my grumpy old man!

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