Thursday, September 22, 2011

Basketball tournament at work

I got up really early today and checked in to work at 645am! I had an early meeting with SanJose designer, i bet this is common when we have to work with US counterpart, it's either they stay back late or we checked in early for meeting. Time zone difference sucks! 

Apart from having a super duper early meeting, today Altera has its in house basketball tournament after work, I had to stay back to help out because I am the committee. The game started on time at 530pm, we had the PA system, tables, chairs and digital scoreboard set up by then. 

Today was fun, I'd learned how to write the score cards and crashed course on the game rules plus some hand signs from the referees. I had my dinner by the court, Alan, the chairman bought us dinner and tong sui, so nice of him. 

Everything went smoothly and i left a bit earlier because i was too tired already. Shawn came over and we watched TV plus fight a bit, which is very normal. As long as both of us are tired, we fight.

so yeah, that's my day, pretty boring heh? I gotta catch some sleep now or else my boss will find me looking like zombie again. Yes, he always comment that i look like i don't have enough sleep, which is half true, the other half is because i never put make up *.*

oh!! i must jot this down, i sent my car to wash after more than a year. I havent washed my car ever since i started dating Shawn, or even earlier than that. It's weird that the car never seems to be too dirty, except that it has ants invasion a couple of weeks ago because i parked my car under the trees. 

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