Friday, June 03, 2011


I promise i will complete my Yunan,China and Taipei,Taiwan travelogue soon! I've been slacking, lost and purposeless.

Please tell me, how to keep my mood high all the time?

I can't believe i did that

Guess what i did last week when i was rather free at work, and i had nothing to do. So i went to and bought this,
Prada (clipped to

OMG right?? even thought i've gotten it for days already, i am still screaming in disbelief .Anway, i'm gonna physco myself in loving the bag, because it cost me a bomb!

casual monday

casual monday by StephanieFong featuring floral jewelry

so this is what occupies eting and I over the week at work. We played polyvore everyday! I was doing a few combinations with the bag, love it! But hun claimed it's a luggage, not a bag.

Macau one day trip

Macau one day trip by StephanieFong featuring cotton skirts

I added in my new watch from grumpyoldman. so minimal, i love it.

MY first date

MY first date by StephanieFong featuring leather belts

last one. Thats about it, i've gotta work already! tonight we're watching X-men with Chris and Vivian, it's gonna be fun, i'm forcing them to have BBQ dinner with me..*evil grins*

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Why am i not blogging?