Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quiet weekends

This is so out of the blue, i have nothing to write, not much updates in my life. It has been wakeup-goingtowork-gohome-zzz days. it's so boring...so i thought i should do something about, i took out my sewing machine, wanted to start a quilt project only to realize it has spoilt! *sobs*

Ever since i've started my new job, as McDonald says it '' I'm lovin it"!! I have to admit that workload is definitely heavier, but the satisfaction in me keeps me going. If you wake up every morning, hoping you don't have to go to work, then it's time for you to change your job! agree?

I mean, you don't have to love your job everyday, but at least once in while you have the urge to go work. or else, your life is doomed!

Alrights, no more boring job-talk!

Last week was terrible, luckily i have sim and duncan and a bunch of friends to filled in my time, or else i would rot at home. Prawn has gone to Taipei, and on top of that, E-ting went for her honeymoon in Europe..both people that i hang out a lot with were away, worse of all, ChinaPong was away in NZ for her friend's wedding. Everyone is going for holidays but me :(

i was telling myself how bad that could be right? I will just make a list of things to do ...
but but but but but...it was miserable!!!!

On sunday, my housemate found me lying on bed growing mushrooms, she took a few and made ABC soups for me, so nice~~!! After a few hours, she saw ze-mushrooms on me has turned into cheesy mushrooms, and she made cheese baked mushroom rice...*i'm crapping*

In a nut shell, i rotted at home whole friggin day!

Thank God eting came back and we hanged out in egate starbucks at night. She bought my 2 month belated birthday pressie from London, it's a lavender/pink Radley purse..OMG OMG~! i love it so much because it has a doggie chasing bumble bees..

super cute logo..


the inside, it's all pink!

when the feeling of missing someone kicks in, i started to miss everyone! I miss daddy, i miss Jasmine, i miss ChinaPong, I miss home, I miss ZARA, i miss Prawn, i miss bitchygossipsessionwithe-ting, i miss swimming pool, i miss mike,i misscrappyscoldingsessionwithunifriends, i miss the gaurd outside my house..(ok, thats not true!), so i basically miss everything that i don't have now!


eting also got this these popular clogs in porcelain from Amsterdam


she also got me a coin purse with legs from LaSenza, hehehe!


YT said...

The purse is effing cute woots!

Hope u like it :)

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