Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New dresses

I can't deny that shopping is the best retail therapy for depression and loneliness! I been buying so many dresses and I never get a chance to wear them. It's terrible, I bought not only dresses, but also 2 pairs of heels and a pair of flats and blah blah blah....


1. bought the 1st one online - RM49
2. cotton-on 1st avenue -RM69
3. cotton-on 1st avenue -RM69

I noticed that my recent buys are all in black-grey-dull colours. my new heels are in black, flats are in black too!


YT said...

U... U... U... Shopaholic! Like the first dress :)

lauren said...

cute! browsing through blogs and seeing this makes me really want to go shopping... i'll have to scrounge up some money for tomorrow=)

LIli said...

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