Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Flyday and you say wheee!

Don't you just love Friday? It means saturday is coming and it's my favourite day of the week!

Shawn brought me out for dinner tonight, instead of rushing for movie+dinner like we used to do, we settled for dinner only, it was too rush since he has to drop me home before 10pm. We had Italian pizza at our favourite restaurant in Pulau Tikus, I love the place!

It's been 6 months, and everything seems to be better now. It was a very very very very, i repeat, very very bumpy start, we managed to pulled through. It was like one wave comes after another, there were always problems, we were fighting every week!

It was terrible, the personality clashes was worse than we've expected. I was unhappy for things he thought it was alright and he wasn't happy because i was too sticky and etc.

Past few months were days were shouted at each other, and saying sorry on the next day. It was really tiring, i didn't expect i could take it, but YES, we accepted each other's flaws and everything is in place now. I'm glad and proud to say, I've finally grown up and be mature.

Like the wise man says, there is no perfection, only satisfaction with what life has to offer. It's a blessing i have him with me :)