Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 days and it felt like 6 years!

Can you hear me screaming already? Prawn is back.......weeee! He was gone to Taipei for 6 days and boy, it felt it 6 years. i'm glad he is finally back.


On the other hand, i've finally changed my cellphone strap. The loyal metal chain tassel has been replaced with my newest design. I love how it turned out to be a bit of vintage-ish yet cute, i;ve put a picture of a ribbon bow flats thats because i wore flats 90% of the time and most of my flats has ribbon bows...

till then, bye~! gonna have a good time bugging around Prawn tonight...weeee!

1 comment:

YT said...

So cute lor! U don so love struck can?