Sunday, March 20, 2011

The girl's big day

I can't believe this has finally happened! It's eting's weddding day..time flies isn't it? it feels like yesterday when she told me she is getting married,

and poooof......!!!! today is the day!


*emotional* she's a big girl now, finally married off .....please ignore my funny face, I'm still practicing to smile nicer in braces.


Duncan Tanks was being very naughty that night! He know what he did!

Classmates gathering


tongue-zilla steph

It was like an electronic classmate gathering. I had so much fun with them

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YT said...

Didn't realize u resume blogging until today!!! So many posts to read...

Aww... I can't believe I got married too! And thanks for being there for me. U know how important it is to me.