Tuesday, March 29, 2011

After party at MOIS


I joined e-ting at MOIS for her after wedding party and it was freaking fun! We've been besties for as long as I've known but never once I went clubbing with her! she can't drink and nothing in the club attracts her since she's married, hahaahaha!! ok, i'm joking, she will kill me !

But it's true that i never went clubbing with her, even though she goes to the club almost every week during her studies in Aussie, but yes, i find it weird to have her walked into a club with me. Anyhow, that night was her special night, and i was too tipsy to think of anything, in additional with her ever-so-energetic friends, i totally forgot about the awkwardness.

They went off earlier for supper, so i joined my friends at the other corner of MOIS and bumped into Greg, who was replacing his friend as photographer for the club, pictures all credit to him. Also we bumped into Victor and his friends too!!


I drove home earlier, because that naughty crazy shawn decided to piss me off! i don't have the mood to continue so i went home. It was a stupid fight, he was at Zenzi bar and our business is not related in any form, but he decided to send me unreasonable texts and felt sorry on the next day.

It was some stupid fight, i made him buy me ice-cream after that.

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YT said...

It was a fun night! Ei, maybe we should go clubbing one day... It will be awkward but... Should be fun :)