Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Penang Bridge Marathon 2010

It was an impulsive decision , i joined Penang Bridge marathon this year simply because of YT told me she can get RM5 discount on the registration. fml..yes, i've been jogging quite often since a few months ago but it wasn't solely for this marathon, because i wanted to slim down that's all..

But, instead of slimming down, i actually gain a bit of weight. All because of Mr. Prawn's fault, he has this appetizing face wan! I tell you, it's miraculous! I am perfectly alright of having yogurt only for dinner if i dont see him, once he comes over to hang out abit , i feel damn freaking super hungry one, and i can't focus on anything buy food in my mind..

anyway, back to my marathon story..

That weekend i was pretty good girl, i didn't go out late at night, slept early and ate healthy. I slept at 10pm the night before and woke up at 430am. The 1st thing I shouted out when i opened my eyes was..

" SHIT!!! it's raining!!!!! how ah? "

YT called, but we decided to try out luck, it's such a waste if we just call it off and go back to bed right?

It was still raining when we reached there, it wasn't bad enough, I totally forgot to bring my running chip (which is used to record my time) !!! at 1st i thought i left it in YM's car, so i made him come back then to realised it was at home, FML big time!

anyway, i didn't bother, not like i'm gonna be in the top 15 or what right? so...yeah..

At 6am, it was still drizzling when the marathon kicked off, but it stopped son after we'd started. The air was breezing and cold, it was a good start :)


It's a dryfit jersey, not bad heh? I was telling YT that it reminds me of the minons from Despicable me, especially when you see from afar while everyone was hopping like beans . Cute to the max !


I'd expected that it'll be a bit tough since i never jogged 10km before, but i was so proud of myself that i finished 10km in 67mins (the official time) and ranked within 350 over 3000 participants (women category only).


I shall try to do better next year :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Steph's weekend

My weekend was pretty quiet. I didn't want to exhaust myself mainly because I'm preparing for the penang bridge marathon on Sunday morning.

On Friday night, I went Crepe Cottage again, for late dinner and Mango Cup for dessert, sinful meal but who cares, nobody is allow to diet on weekends, it's a sin!

Watched Harry Porter 7 midnight show, premier class somemore! But it was quite disappointing, the plot was slow and too much craps. Anyway, i don't like Harry Porter in general, haha!

Slept at 3am on friday night, but i woke up at 7 something to go jogging with YT, after that, we went to eat my favourite halfboiledegg/toast for breakfast. It was a good start for Saturday!

went home and it was only 10am! i didn't know what to do, because i don't usually wake up so early on saturday....so, i tried to wake Shawn up but failed! that fella is an genuine pig..

waited for him until 4pm before he could bring me to power people mall a.k.a Island plaza for Tutti Fruitti...so terrible right? Then chilled at Sunset Bistro and watched sunset before dinner.

just in case u didn't know, sunset bistro is located by the beach, u can either choose to sit on the deck or on the beach with ur legs buried in the sand...

da-pig i was talking about..

Trying to curi my drinks!

bought pringles in mozzarella sticks&marinara flavou from Cold Storage, nothing special!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Great friends, great holidays

It's not where u go for holidays, but who you're going with. Holidaying in Penang was something weird for me because I lived in Penang!

My darling friends came all the way from KL and we had such a wonderful time with them. Here's the preview, more pictures is coming soon.

Picture is a bit blur because i copied from Facebook. Chilling at HardRock after dinner! that night was freaking fun!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Farnie Sheena

Sis and I had a very stupid conversation last night..

sis : hey, you took my Cotton On stripped light blue spaghetti top ah?
me : i didn't laaaaa, i look fat on it!

sis : no? then where did it go? I'll go find some more..
me : Jasmine curi-ed and wore it to her annual doggie party i guess.

sis : oh, I'll check on that..
me : Better do, she don't have anywhere to hide except for under her bed

sis : .............................

Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday, I went to the gym

I hit the gym and ran on the treadmill for a freaking 50 minutes (slightly more than 7km)! what an achievement, everyone please applause for me!

I came back to the office after gym to reply some emails and decided to write a short post before heading back home and hibernate for the night.


aiyoooh! i super miss those days where we always hang out during uni time! Jianwen, went to the far far land to pursue his studies. Not gonna see him the next 1-2 years i guess :(

But, I'm gonna see Elaine this coming Thursday!! weeeeee!! she is coming together with liwei and david to rock the island!


and yes!! This is Liwei...i can't wait for Thursday to come!


kenyi, will be leaving to the far far land soon too..awwwwww, i'm gonna miss him a lot!

alright, there goes my short post. I'm gonna go home now!

tomorrow will be my dental appointment and i can't wait to eat mango sticky rice in 1STOP and mango crepes/pancakes at Crepe Cottage !

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Deepavali weekend

Long story short, I'm supposed to have a girly trip with YT, Jerine and Gigi to Cameron Highlands for the weekend but I canceled it last minute, because I need to be back to KL for my primary schoolmate's wedding celebration.......


she canceled the party last minute! So, I'm stuck in the island alone!

..okay, not really alone at least Jerine came back on Thursday, and we went to Crepe Cottage in Gurney Drive for dinner.



the crepes/pancakes were super yummilicious, but they serve like tortoise, took them more than half an hour to serve.

on the following day (Friday), YT, yungming and I went back to Crepe Cottage for dinner again, hehe! it was freaking irresistible !

On Saturday, Prawn picked me up for lunch.


he brought me to this place called, Summer Garden..somewhere near..er... i don't know! i was busy talking in the car...:P


He had Caesar salad and I had Katsujyu( Japanese pork rice with egg)


Had english tea because he was having a bit of hangover, muhahaha!!


after then, we went to Island Plaza to check out the newly opened cinema, called, WCineMax . The tix price is slightly more expensive than GSC, RM12 and RM6 for 3D specs rental.

The cinema is awesome, very spacial leg space, good sound system.


before the movie starts, we went to DOME for tea! Prawn had a humongous choc chips cookie.


and i had ice-mocha with terribly loads of whipped cream and a piece of tiramisu. Gosh, soooo much sugar!


it was about 7pm after the movie and since both of us were still quite full, we went to check out this new place call Heritage Coffee who serves not only coffee, but EVERYTHING! including "happy drinks"

I'm thinking to skip dinner since it's already quite late. But i don't know how we ended having BakKutTeh at 9 something at night...

ohmeekott! I had such a foodfull weekends!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Baby Jasmine in her new hair style

Jasmine hasn't been appearing in my blog for sometime already. Dad recently engaged her to the newly opened grooming saloon near our house and signed her up with their bathing program.

I thought it is a brilliant idea!

Only RM300 for 3 months, and she will be send for basic bathing + a bit of grooming here and there every week. It breaks down to only RM25 per session, not very economical in long run but it saved up a lot of dad's time.

You won't know how much time we need to bath her, properly. She has the thickest coat i've ever seen! By just dry blowing her, I'll need an hour to do so..


Dad claimed that this is call the cocker cut, where the coat on her head, ears and legs is kept long and the rest is short. I can't find her eyes!


Ah, there are they! round, big and ever sparkling!


Tadddaaah!! HAHAHHAA! I find her new look super hilarious. I wonder if she knows we've been laughing at her.

New things in my life

My dark circles are bigger and darker than the dark chocolate now! I've been using eye mask everyday and it didn't help at all, i've promised myself to sleep before 12 everyday but but but...I'm still here blogging at 1am! At least i've tried very hard, i still deserve a gift right??

Have you met Drools?


I kinda like this picture a lot! Thanks to Derrick, now, i'm so tempted to get myself a flash.


weee..this week will be a 3 and a half days working week. I'm so excited already though i don't have any plans for the holidays, hahaha!!

Till then, good night!