Thursday, October 28, 2010

My trip to Singapore

Sheena and I, along with cousin Bonnie went to Singapore in July to pay a visit to our cousin sisters. It was mainly a shopping trip la, haha!

I didn't buy much, just a dress from Cotton-on. I remember how YT always comes back from the land of lion with luggages fulled of shopping bags and shoes from Charles & Keith! This girl, goes to Singapore like almost every 2 months, grrrr!!

anyway, i met up with Dave who happened to be back from Perth after his 1st round of training as a SIA cadet.

and he treat me dinner..muhahaha! Because i kept complaining that he buys Elaine dinners but not me!

and the souvenir he got for me from Perth, it's a pilot koala, so cute!

later at night, we went to Gelang for frog porridge, quite yummy!

spotted Ben & Jerry's at Orchard road :P

Visited Leesze and Melvin's at Pasir Ris.They brought us to eat crab beehun, so yummilicious!

Breakfast at ToastBox, strawberries and toast tasted not bad :P

walking to MRT station from Tampines.

I always love Burger King. Had lunch at Singapore airport before departing to KL.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I must confess! I haven't been shopping for a long time! last weekend was Hwei Tyng's wedding, i drove home along with a few friends with me.

I don't mean to buy heels, i seldom wear them anyway, but i went home with a dress for the reception but not heels. So, i accidentally bought 3 pairs of shoes!!!

From Cotton-on : RM39.90 - it was dirt cheap! i always love pale green flats!

From Charles&Keith :RM119.9 - it was love at first sight ok!

From Charles&Keith : RM139.90 - i love this pumps, but i regretted a little now, it's a bit loose and i was desperate so i bought it!

From Vincci : RM49.90 - i bought it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't worn it yet, cute right?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back in Action!

I have so much things to tell, but i never knew how to start. My life has been changing ever since the major broke up, for better or worse, I'm not sure because i can't tell.

At least, one thing for sure. I've became more rational, towards everything; my work, my friends and my life.

To my friends, May, Kiahling and Jen Jen. You had borrowed me your ears, made my lonely nights, happening.


To the prawn, you're special the way you are.