Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The price to pay when you don't wear sunblock

Sunburn ,of course!

I have really bad sunburn on both my shoulders because I wore a shorts and spaghetti strips and cycling under the afternoon sun.



Comparison with liwei's. They called this Steph's invisible spaghetti strips..


It was freaking painful ok! and i totolly forgot that I have a wedding reception to attend this coming weekend and I happily sunburned myself..

I need to wear a tube dress for i will have an invisible bra strips *cry*
the last time i had a sunburn was when I went skiing in Korea, it was on my face because i wrapped myself with super thick jackets but the face. I stayed home for days because i looked like an old lady.

Aiken (feet) - Nivea whitening (arms & back) - Aloevera (shoulders) - skinfood handbutter (palms) - Avene spring water ( shoulder & arms & face)

These are my daily treatments, I feel like I'm already soaking myself into lotions and it still didn't help much, my shoulders are still painful.


Hui and Liwei are still fair and pretty because they didn't cycle under the hot burning sun from Cenang beach to airport and then from airport back to Cenang beach..

now, who's stupid idea was that? Sim loh!!

anyway, though it was stupid and I had a price to pay, it was an experience that I will never forget, it was quite fun ..
The feeling of missing someone is bad, especially when you wake up in the morning knowing she is not around anymore. How to start a day when your heart is so heavy?

If there's Gennie in the bottle, I wish I will never have the feeling of missing someone, it's terrible. It's even worst when you're missing her badly but you can't tell her. And only if i can cry myself to bed every night, I won't feel this bad, but I am so numb that I am not sad neither can i cry, I am just missing her badly.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ten reasons why steph needs an iMAC

This post is dedicated to my daddy, hahaha!

I almost threw my Macbook out of my window yesterday night while i was trying to edit videos. I still love my Macbook alot, simply because she is in pearl white colour and still very sleek looking, I was with her for years and Im getting to realised that she is getting old and freaking slow!
When i tried to fully utilized her, she decided to not respond to me most of the time or responded on the next day. Syndrome for Alzheimer?

1. My Macbook is aging
2. I need a bigger screen for movies and dramas
3. Easy installations - I'm a sotong in computer
4. Minimum wiring - I will get tangled and fall down
5. Not enough memory for photos/videos editting
6. It's white - more like offwhite, but still white!
7. It's super enviromental friendly - good power efficiency and less toxins
8. Comes with the smartest mouse ever
9. I'm so used to Mac OS now that I dislike Windows 7
10. Simple and sleek design