Monday, February 22, 2010

Day trip with new friends

It has been awhile since the trip, i haven't gotten those pictures until now *blekx*. One day Tze asked if i wanna tag along to penang day trip with his friend, Mei Yuen and Kelvin, since i have nothing to do, i tagged along and it was a fun one!

He brought us to the Nyonya mansion..don't ask me what name is it and where is it, I wasn't the one driving and i don't know! *steph has the worse sense of direction ever!*

Where Little Nyonya was filmed.

This is Mei Yuen and she's is super fun! Not just normally fun, but crazily me she is.


Later we went to The Sire for tea and I had a cup of Irish coffee, love it :)

Mei yuen and Kelvin

Afternoon, we lingered in Gurney for awhile before she decided to go back hotel to rest. Tze and I had nothing to do since my house is kinda far to go back, we went for foot massage!

Oh boy, it was sooooooo painful !! almost cry dee, but I've found a way to reduce the pain, that is keep talking! I kept talking non stop for one hour and it helped, i was trying to hypnotized myself that IT'S NOT PAINFUL!

anyway, we had Nyonya food for dinner later before headed to Monkey bar. Thats when the drama happened!

Mei Yuen got a bit light and she kept saying that her ass is itchy. she's molesting the bars!


they're so cute! Kelvin looks like crayon sin chan..hahahaha!!!!


Ok, thats about it! We met up for Kayu lunch on the next day before they headed back to KL :)
-end of story-

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 58th Birthday Daddy!

We gave him a little surprised party after our family dinner.


Daddy is turning 58 today and he is still looking fit and tough and always the hero in my heart.


I didn't get him anything this year, but I hope this little surprise party will make his 58th birthday a memorable one.


Thursday, February 11, 2010