Saturday, January 23, 2010

Joanne and Karsiew's Wedding reception

This post will be damn boring one, in fact all my posts have been very boring...I don't have time to squeeze my creative juice, orange juice got la.

I'm busy because I have a super messy room, I havent seen such messy room before, it's messier than when I 1st moved in...

everyday, i'll tell myself that my room need a spring cleaning and everyday i didn't do it! alll because of my *devilish* friends, who asked me to shopping, go supper...keke!

Okie okie! I just like to blame them because it's fun to see their face when they're speechless!

Anyway, back to Joanne's wedding reception at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, PENANG. It was a blast, to be honest, i think the hall has too many pillars, i don't even know where is the stage!

The hall, can you see the pillars? Other than that, i love the decorations, and it feels quite cosy and fun in there.

It's nice to see my friends again, Gusman, Khek, Alan, Gan, Pete,Sim and CC

Congrats to Joanne and KarSiew. I super love this picture, it's so nicely taken :)

CC and I

Alan and I, and his signature hairstyle, because from the 1st day I've known him, about 5 years ago, he's with this hair and now still the same hair, hahaaha!

Sim, CC and I

Ok, thats about it :) Not many pictures taken because I was a bit light due to too much whiskey, bad bad bad!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 53rd Birthday, Mommy

Do you know why I hate being alone, in the room, in the house or in the office?

Loneliness always reminds me of mommy, how she hugged me to bed when I was smaller, how she made milk for me every morning and forced me to drink, you know, I always had her around, and I blamed myself for not appreciating it until she'd gone now.

Life's have been tough last year, if you were to asked if 2009 was a great year to me, i would say NOPE! But I'm glad and proud of myself that i've pulled through and made a few wonderful friends,
YT and Jerine :)

Lets see..

In the 1st half of 2009, my company filed bankruptcy protection and went through a major retrenchments, TWICE! It was a torture to me and everybody, because if I am affected I'll be sad, or else my colleagues will be affected, both ways, I'll be sad and I was sad. Nevertheless, I stayed back and that's by God's grace!

Grandma was admitted to hospital and went through a major surgery, i was dead worried! She was tough, tougher than I've expected, she pulled through and on her way to full recovery now!

Had some issues with family that had made me cry every time my dad talked to me. But I don't want to reveal this one, anyhow, the problem resolved and Dad, Sheena and I are closer to each other now.

It has been 5 years now and I still wish mommy is here, but I know for sure, she is in a better place, but i just miss her so much!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Theophila girl


Do not mess with me!
I know I haven't been updating herbaltree for some time already, I'm just plain lazy, haha! and also my room is a mess, Pete said he feels like he's walking into a rubbish bin. I don't think it's that bad, isn't it?
i need to clean up my room before CNY!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Bracelets at Stephanie's

It's has been awhile since my last update at Stephanie's.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Steph's slim down plan

Ok,I'm gonna talk serious, don't mess up with Steph, I bite!

I was chatting with YT on MSN and i don't know how we got into comparing pictures of our old times. Which led us to a conclusion, WE ARE FATTER NOW!

I was once slimmer ( i wouldn't say i'm slim, because i was/am never slim, my shape is rather curvy), so, I'm determined to slim down before CNY!


This picture was taken 4 years back, though I've gradually grew bigger, but I'm gonna make myself back to this shape!


1. Shut my mouth after 8pm- so don't call me out for supper, I will bite you
2. Start doing yoga with YT once a week
3. Hit the gym 3 times a week and make sure i'll stay at least an hour - I have buddy with me
4. Going joggin with YT once a week - this is a promise from me to her, she is doing the same for me for Yoga.
5. Cut down on oily and high cabs food -Ex. fast food and white rice
6. Sleep early!

till then, Good night!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party in the Garden is up!

New Collections --> Party in the Garden


In this collection, GetHooked* features Sheila the sweet-looking snail, Diana the diva dragonfly, Lucida the lovely ladybug, Casey the cute caterpillar and Beatrice the bubbly bee!

Now, are you ready to get hooked? click
Check out our Get Hooked* Ideas.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 50th birthday, Lao Char Boh

We had a pre birthday celebration with YT earlier and will blog about that later. Last saturday, YT and i went for the 12 hours walkathon, but we didn't walk 12 hours la, my legs will break!

Anyhow, I managed to walked 16 km in 3.5 hours, amazing record for myself though i walked like a crab on the next day. The worse thing is that i still have a 8 hours training on the next day and the lift was off!!!! disaster!

After the walk, Pete and Jerine came and meet us for supper, and we suprised her with a birthday cake!

YT is showing the piggy face because she blamed me for she can't dress up for celebration.

Still not happy with it, because the cake was written, " HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAO CHAR BOH"
(traslated as happy birthday, old lady), and we gave her 5 huge candles.

Both of us were so sweaty and smelly. Yt wanted to stab me with the plastic knife, can she be smarter, she can't kill me with that, i'm made of Gold. stab Jerine please, she's made of tofu.

Happily with the cake.

YT kept saying Jerine looks more like the birthday girl, because she'd wore a dress, haha!

Uncle pete.

dear Lao Char Boh,
Happy 50th birthday!
Sui Char Boh

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm in love

I'm determined to update one post everyday, so YT, don't ask me to supper ok? I'm busy with my blog now :)
Here's my uncle pete and I'm in LOVE.


* Picture is taken with Panasonic Lumix FS62

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stephanie and her new cameras


I always thought SLR is cool, but a point and shoot camera is very very important too. You can't be bringing your SLR everywhere you go right?

I ditched Pete's Canon Powershot because there's problem with the memory card slot , and bought myself a new Lumix for Christmas.

Panasonic Lumix FS62 =RM540


D90 is my best birthday pressie and I totally love it, though i havent really master it (Pete can use it better than me) but I shall work harder. Alfonso borrowed his 50mm prime lens, and I'm in love with it. Maybe a 35mm, because 50mm is too near.

Nikon D90 with kit lens =RM3950

till than, i have a lot of work to do for my new Get Hooked* Garden Series, stay tuned!
Pictures are taken with Nikon D90

Friday, January 08, 2010

Stephanie's very first offline bazaar

Stephanie's first offline bazaar at e@Curve was fun, though I wasn't there to help out, but the preparation to set up that small corner has been trilling and exciting. This was done last minute but I'm glad that everything went well.

Stephanie's little small corner.

I bought the earrings stands especially for this event.

Oh boy, I really love this picture! very nicely taken!

Sheena and Pauline, thank you girls, for doing me the favour.

*Pictures are taken with Nikon D90 by Edvin P.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Party in the office

Every year, PDC will held fund raising to collect RM1200 to sponsor a child from CPS (Child Protection Society) in penang. We raised RM4400++ this year by selling gifts and donations from fellow colleagues, i don't remember the exact amount but it was 3-4 times more than last year.

Since the launching of Get Hooked*, and the business for Christmas was really good, so i thought i should repay some good deeds, I volunteered to sponsor Get Hooked* Snowman series and all the sales went to the fund. Because these keychains are made to order, the committee members helped me to jot down all orders when i was away to Batu Pahat for a week.

Crappy yet lovely people, it's truly fun working with them, they're full of craps!


The keychain sample i left before leaving for Batu Pahat.


Yummilicious Frosty the snowmen.


Lots of Devvy keychains.


Total keychains made for first batch is 28 pieces. PHEW! Later I've made another 32 pieces and all of them sold out in less than 2 weeks.

TOTAL donation =RM10 x 60 =RM600

NOW, photo's time!



We had a little treasure hunt and gifts exhange during the party, Pete was very fasinated with his gigantic paper clip.


Still toying with his paper clip.


He is really stupid, I don't know why i found him cute last time.


OY went crazy too.


You don't need a nose job, a gigantic paper clip will do.


oh no! KB became the nipple victim.


I don't care, i must clip someone's nipple! \
Pictures are taken with Nikon D90

Monday, January 04, 2010

Steph's surprise Christmas pressie

I've noticed i haven't been blogging about my Christmas pressie, I will do it later. But today, i wanted to show you an unexpected pressie from Pete.

Picture 840

Nicely wrapped and Pete wrapped it all by himself. I wonder when he did it, because I was with him all the time.

Picture 861

In love with my pressie! Guess what's inside?

Picture 906

A 2 in 1 curler + straightener! He knew i always wanted one..

Picture 913

It can be a curler

Picture 914

and a straightener, I don't have to change the head or something, all in one!

Picture 907

Trying it already. I thought Nikon D90 is my Christmas + anniversary + birthday pressie, totally never expect this one.

Thank you darling Pete.

*Pictures are taken with Nikon D90