Monday, December 06, 2010

My farewell party

Last friday marked my last day at Spansion, today, i'm blogging from my new company. Yes, I'm currently working in Altera.

I never thought i would have the courage to resign, it's not easy ok! especially when i'm so comfortable and happy. But we're human being, we always wanted something better, and won't mind the risk.

Throughout my 3 years in Spansion, I've grew so much, met tones of great people and made a few good friends. Life has been serving me quite well, I'm always very lucky in everything, always met the right person at the right time, do the right thing when there are opportunities.

I supposed the most unforgettable event was the mega-retrenchment whereby 70% of employees was forced to leave. I never cried easily in public but that time, i couldn't help myself...i bursted into tears when i had to see my colleagues leave.

I decided to hold onto it when the company's was at its lowest point, ironically,i chose to leave when it's doing pretty well now.

Anyways, I had a few farewells lunches and parties during my last week of work, THEY WERE CELEBRATING MY LEAVING! alright, here're the pictures, at UPR.

Lini and Jen aint my colleagues but they joined in the fun, i forced them to! *evil grins*

Lini's face look so blur..

It's frankenfish , quoted from Andy

with Vivian and Justina




more pictures coming soon ....

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Janice said...

Congratulation on your new job!