Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas coundown in Upper Penang Road

Sad but true,Christmas in Penang feels a little pathetic, i don't see much decorations in the malls, and not much celebration at work too :(

Luckily, i still have a bunch of friends who are crazy and fun to celebrate this joyous season with me.

Lini, Chunhoong, may and tiah. It's sad that Kiahling and Jen couldn't join us!

one little, two little, three little nerdy kids...Chris, Chunhoong, WL

steph: look at my braces!! ...Vivian, Felicia and stupid SS waiter in santa costume

ok, no more braces-showing-pix....Justina, Vivian

it's tongue-sticking-out pix...felicia, justina, vivian

prawn is trying to have his model-look-alike expression again, haha!!

Tzeyang went kuku after a few shots of bottomsup!

Lini was trying to hibernate while waiting for Prawn to finish up his jar of happie juice so that we can go for supper and i sent him gazillions of hungry msges and he replied none!

There goes my christmas countdown party, nothing special, it feels like just another weekend because i wasn't tipsy at all!

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