Monday, November 22, 2010

Steph's weekend

My weekend was pretty quiet. I didn't want to exhaust myself mainly because I'm preparing for the penang bridge marathon on Sunday morning.

On Friday night, I went Crepe Cottage again, for late dinner and Mango Cup for dessert, sinful meal but who cares, nobody is allow to diet on weekends, it's a sin!

Watched Harry Porter 7 midnight show, premier class somemore! But it was quite disappointing, the plot was slow and too much craps. Anyway, i don't like Harry Porter in general, haha!

Slept at 3am on friday night, but i woke up at 7 something to go jogging with YT, after that, we went to eat my favourite halfboiledegg/toast for breakfast. It was a good start for Saturday!

went home and it was only 10am! i didn't know what to do, because i don't usually wake up so early on, i tried to wake Shawn up but failed! that fella is an genuine pig..

waited for him until 4pm before he could bring me to power people mall a.k.a Island plaza for Tutti terrible right? Then chilled at Sunset Bistro and watched sunset before dinner.

just in case u didn't know, sunset bistro is located by the beach, u can either choose to sit on the deck or on the beach with ur legs buried in the sand...

da-pig i was talking about..

Trying to curi my drinks!

bought pringles in mozzarella sticks&marinara flavou from Cold Storage, nothing special!


YT said...

Someone always say wanna diet when with me but go for sinful indulgence with someone else. Cheh...

Friendship worths NOTHING eh?


Jerine said...

I hate him. Nuff said.