Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Penang Bridge Marathon 2010

It was an impulsive decision , i joined Penang Bridge marathon this year simply because of YT told me she can get RM5 discount on the registration. fml..yes, i've been jogging quite often since a few months ago but it wasn't solely for this marathon, because i wanted to slim down that's all..

But, instead of slimming down, i actually gain a bit of weight. All because of Mr. Prawn's fault, he has this appetizing face wan! I tell you, it's miraculous! I am perfectly alright of having yogurt only for dinner if i dont see him, once he comes over to hang out abit , i feel damn freaking super hungry one, and i can't focus on anything buy food in my mind..

anyway, back to my marathon story..

That weekend i was pretty good girl, i didn't go out late at night, slept early and ate healthy. I slept at 10pm the night before and woke up at 430am. The 1st thing I shouted out when i opened my eyes was..

" SHIT!!! it's raining!!!!! how ah? "

YT called, but we decided to try out luck, it's such a waste if we just call it off and go back to bed right?

It was still raining when we reached there, it wasn't bad enough, I totally forgot to bring my running chip (which is used to record my time) !!! at 1st i thought i left it in YM's car, so i made him come back then to realised it was at home, FML big time!

anyway, i didn't bother, not like i'm gonna be in the top 15 or what right? so...yeah..

At 6am, it was still drizzling when the marathon kicked off, but it stopped son after we'd started. The air was breezing and cold, it was a good start :)


It's a dryfit jersey, not bad heh? I was telling YT that it reminds me of the minons from Despicable me, especially when you see from afar while everyone was hopping like beans . Cute to the max !


I'd expected that it'll be a bit tough since i never jogged 10km before, but i was so proud of myself that i finished 10km in 67mins (the official time) and ranked within 350 over 3000 participants (women category only).


I shall try to do better next year :)

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YT said...

"Fight fight fight fight fight..." Bwahaha...

The run is so much more fun when I have you with me. Crapping and laughing our ways back!

And yeah, we shall do better next time :)