Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New things in my life

My dark circles are bigger and darker than the dark chocolate now! I've been using eye mask everyday and it didn't help at all, i've promised myself to sleep before 12 everyday but but but...I'm still here blogging at 1am! At least i've tried very hard, i still deserve a gift right??

Have you met Drools?


I kinda like this picture a lot! Thanks to Derrick, now, i'm so tempted to get myself a flash.


weee..this week will be a 3 and a half days working week. I'm so excited already though i don't have any plans for the holidays, hahaha!!

Till then, good night!


YT said...

Yea, I agree, he is a new "thing" right?


Stephanie meiyu said...

darling, i meant my dark circles!

Jerine said...

Who's that guy? Who's that guy? WHO IS THAT GUY?????

Stephanie meiyu said...

jerine, he is the one u wanted to kill