Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday, I went to the gym

I hit the gym and ran on the treadmill for a freaking 50 minutes (slightly more than 7km)! what an achievement, everyone please applause for me!

I came back to the office after gym to reply some emails and decided to write a short post before heading back home and hibernate for the night.


aiyoooh! i super miss those days where we always hang out during uni time! Jianwen, went to the far far land to pursue his studies. Not gonna see him the next 1-2 years i guess :(

But, I'm gonna see Elaine this coming Thursday!! weeeeee!! she is coming together with liwei and david to rock the island!


and yes!! This is Liwei...i can't wait for Thursday to come!


kenyi, will be leaving to the far far land soon too..awwwwww, i'm gonna miss him a lot!

alright, there goes my short post. I'm gonna go home now!

tomorrow will be my dental appointment and i can't wait to eat mango sticky rice in 1STOP and mango crepes/pancakes at Crepe Cottage !

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