Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Farnie Sheena

Sis and I had a very stupid conversation last night..

sis : hey, you took my Cotton On stripped light blue spaghetti top ah?
me : i didn't laaaaa, i look fat on it!

sis : no? then where did it go? I'll go find some more..
me : Jasmine curi-ed and wore it to her annual doggie party i guess.

sis : oh, I'll check on that..
me : Better do, she don't have anywhere to hide except for under her bed

sis : .............................


farahD said...

hi steph, hows you? cool blog u have here =p glad to find another fellow blogger in Penang =p

p/s-care to exchange link ? =P

Jerine said...

You're so FMY! I'm embarrassed to call you my friend :S