Sunday, November 07, 2010

Deepavali weekend

Long story short, I'm supposed to have a girly trip with YT, Jerine and Gigi to Cameron Highlands for the weekend but I canceled it last minute, because I need to be back to KL for my primary schoolmate's wedding celebration.......


she canceled the party last minute! So, I'm stuck in the island alone!

..okay, not really alone at least Jerine came back on Thursday, and we went to Crepe Cottage in Gurney Drive for dinner.



the crepes/pancakes were super yummilicious, but they serve like tortoise, took them more than half an hour to serve.

on the following day (Friday), YT, yungming and I went back to Crepe Cottage for dinner again, hehe! it was freaking irresistible !

On Saturday, Prawn picked me up for lunch.


he brought me to this place called, Summer Garden..somewhere i don't know! i was busy talking in the car...:P


He had Caesar salad and I had Katsujyu( Japanese pork rice with egg)


Had english tea because he was having a bit of hangover, muhahaha!!


after then, we went to Island Plaza to check out the newly opened cinema, called, WCineMax . The tix price is slightly more expensive than GSC, RM12 and RM6 for 3D specs rental.

The cinema is awesome, very spacial leg space, good sound system.


before the movie starts, we went to DOME for tea! Prawn had a humongous choc chips cookie.


and i had ice-mocha with terribly loads of whipped cream and a piece of tiramisu. Gosh, soooo much sugar!


it was about 7pm after the movie and since both of us were still quite full, we went to check out this new place call Heritage Coffee who serves not only coffee, but EVERYTHING! including "happy drinks"

I'm thinking to skip dinner since it's already quite late. But i don't know how we ended having BakKutTeh at 9 something at night...

ohmeekott! I had such a foodfull weekends!


YT said...

Why Jerine and my hairstyle look a little alike in that photo one???

The crepe is irrisistable!!!

Stephanie meiyu said...

hahaha!! u both looked alike in the picture lo!

crepe is freaking irresistible!! i don't think i'll ever have mango overdose, i'm going to makan mango rice at 1stop after my dental appointment! yes yes, i am!!

Lobak said...

steph..the food looks soooooooooo yummmyyyyyy

Stephanie meiyu said...

licia, the food is yummmyyyy!!!!!

Jerine said...

Who is that guy? I hate him!

Stephanie meiyu said...

jerine, muhahahahaa!! both of u can fight to death, i don't mind :P