Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Baby Jasmine in her new hair style

Jasmine hasn't been appearing in my blog for sometime already. Dad recently engaged her to the newly opened grooming saloon near our house and signed her up with their bathing program.

I thought it is a brilliant idea!

Only RM300 for 3 months, and she will be send for basic bathing + a bit of grooming here and there every week. It breaks down to only RM25 per session, not very economical in long run but it saved up a lot of dad's time.

You won't know how much time we need to bath her, properly. She has the thickest coat i've ever seen! By just dry blowing her, I'll need an hour to do so..


Dad claimed that this is call the cocker cut, where the coat on her head, ears and legs is kept long and the rest is short. I can't find her eyes!


Ah, there are they! round, big and ever sparkling!


Tadddaaah!! HAHAHHAA! I find her new look super hilarious. I wonder if she knows we've been laughing at her.

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