Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I must confess! I haven't been shopping for a long time! last weekend was Hwei Tyng's wedding, i drove home along with a few friends with me.

I don't mean to buy heels, i seldom wear them anyway, but i went home with a dress for the reception but not heels. So, i accidentally bought 3 pairs of shoes!!!

From Cotton-on : RM39.90 - it was dirt cheap! i always love pale green flats!

From Charles&Keith :RM119.9 - it was love at first sight ok!

From Charles&Keith : RM139.90 - i love this pumps, but i regretted a little now, it's a bit loose and i was desperate so i bought it!

From Vincci : RM49.90 - i bought it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't worn it yet, cute right?


YT said...

U... shoe-caholic!

I love the black pumps but somehow it is not very "me" kind of shoes.

Stephanie meiyu said...

once in a while only!! you're the ultimate shoe-caholic alright!

good! so u won't steal mine! but i love ur shoes, can i have them?

Jerine said...

Today I'm going shoe shopping. Thanks to you, Steph!

~charng said...

love the shoes :D

Stephanie meiyu said...

jerine, MUHAHAHAHAAHHAA!! i should thank e-ting then.

changyee, kekeke!! i don't buy shoes often

Vin Lim said...

oh.. apparently i bought 2 pairs of the same cotton-on flats for steph s.


Stephanie meiyu said...

Vin, LOL........